Les Sahariennes: The Ultimate Bronzer Just Got Better

I love the existing YSL Les Sahariennes Bronzing Stones bronzers in their sleek compacts, but this new collector’s palette is just something else! You may have missed last year’s post on Les Sahariennes and so I’ll do a brief recap: the YSL Bronzing Stones are powder bronzers with a very smooth, creamy finish that blends seamlessly… View Post

Snails In My Hair

It’s true what they say: never work with children or animals. And never try to do anything – work or otherwise – when it’s hot and tempers (as well as temperatures) are high. All I wanted was a nice picture of myself in my new summery frock, something to make me feel a bit better… View Post

Sunday Tittle Tattle: Crying Over Spilt Bubbles

Why is it (and this is a rhetorical question, so don’t feel the need to reply) that I can pour half a bottle of washing up liquid into a bubble machine, which is specifically designed to make bubbles, and no bubbles come out, yet I can knock a tube of “non-foaming” baby wash from the bathroom shelf… View Post

Find Your Perfect Sunscreen

A gentle reminder, now that we are moving into Summer Proper with its pub garden drinking sessions and impromptu al fresco lunches, to use a sunscreen. Whether you usually go in for a water resistant, pile-it-on-thick SPF 50 or something a little less robust, make sure that you use enough of it and reapply if you’re outside… View Post

Anne Sémonin: Luxury Made-to-Measure Skincare | AD

After posting about the amazing results I had with Anne Sémonin’s Miracle Eye Contour Anti-Wrinkle Cream (see here – the fine lines around my eyes were almost totally erased) the lovely people at the brand asked me whether I might like to try a few more things from the range. Perhaps they could prescribe me a full routine to follow, introduce me… View Post

Cleansing Treat: Darphin’s Aromatic Balm with Rosewood

Welcome to one of my skincare guilty pleasures: the Aromatic Cleansing Balm with Rosewood from Darphin. This little glass jar contains the silkiest, most delectable of balmy cleansers – I’ve been trying for months to think of something comparable, in terms of texture, but to no avail. It feels a bit like set honey but without the… View Post

Sunday Tittle Tattle: A Day In My Life

Look, I’ve already posted this video over on my baby blog, The Uphill, but it takes me ages to do these “day in the life” videos and so I’m touting it out. It’s an entire day in my life with “two under two” (New Baby Ted was just nine weeks old!) and has cameos from… View Post

The Tan Mask: Overnight Bronze and Glow

After a run of quite serious facial tanning disasters, I have found a version that leaves a smooth and flawless tint. I was apprehensive about Charlotte Tilbury’s new Overnight Bronze & Glow Mask after some of my more recent – patchy – experiences with tanners, but it has delivered brilliant results three times out of three.… View Post

Shirt Dress and Lipstick: A Quick Summer Update

I’ve had lots of incredibly kind comments about the dress I was wearing in my May Favourites video and I must admit to feeling quite bolstered by them. It’s not that easy to find nice things to wear when you’re breastfeeding, and that hurdle, coupled with your typical postpartum body changes, means that you can… View Post

Beauty Favourites: May 2017

There’s rather a summery theme to this month’s beauty favourites; it feels a little early in the year to be cracking out the sunscreens and the beachy scents but we’ve had a run of hot days and so I’ve been in all-out floaty dress and flip-flop mode. Talking of beachy scents, for the past few weeks… View Post

Plumping, Smoothing (Non-Ridiculous) Lip Treats

Have you seen these ridiculous sheet masks for lips that seem to be all the rage? Patches of gel, or sheets of serum-infused fabric that are pressed over the lip area and left on for an “intensive treatment”. I mean, each to their own and everything, but who wants to sit there with a floppy sheet of slimy… View Post

Hot Days, No Work and Sex in a Lay-By

I indulged in a spot of clickbaiting at the weekend. I simply couldn’t resist it. Mainly because I was looking forward to the comments from people utterly incensed that I would dare use the word “sex” in a video title (disappointingly few, I must say – I obviously have viewers with a good sense of humour) but also… View Post

Sunday Tittle Tattle: My Dad Wrote a Porno

I said I’d be back with more podcast recommendations and so here we are, a mere week later, with My Dad Wrote a Porno. Apologies to those who read the title of this post and spat out their tea: be assured that it’s not my own Dad who has written a porno. (Oh GOD, the idea, I… View Post

Aurelia Botanical Cream Deodorant

The current run of hot weather has provided an excellent opportunity for me to properly test some of the deodorants that I’ve had lined up along my bathroom shelf. I’m not usually the sweatiest of people and so it takes a very warm day for me to get a proper bit of perspiration going. (Weirdly,… View Post

Elemis Marine Cream and the Silky SPF

A surprise entry into my “favourite SPFs” category: the new Pro-Collagen Marine Cream SPF30 from Elemis. I’m a bit dithery about the original Marine Cream; I like the silky, fast-absorbing feel, but at the same time it doesn’t have quite the moisturising “oomph” that I want from a high-end cream. And it is high-end, price-wise; I always expect it… View Post