Five Foolproof Bronzers for Fair Skin

  My last post (for now!) on fair/foolproof/hint-of-sun bronzers. I realise that I’m at the risk of boring to tears anyone who doesn’t need, want or suit them, but at the same time I’ve been trying to work systematically through my beauty backlog and Subtle Bronzers were one of the categories I wanted to get… View Post

Sunday Tittle Tattle: At Home With…

I’ve really started to get into podcasts. I know that I’m at the risk of being late to every single party going at the moment (first lip liner, now podcasts, next I’ll be raving about, I don’t know, MySpace or something) but I like to tell people about my discoveries just in case they’ve been hiding under a… View Post

What a Difference a Lip Line Makes…

A while ago (it may have been last year, or even the year before that), I mentioned that I had been comparing recent and old photographs of myself and trying – in a highly scientific and objective manner – to identify which changes to my face were the most ageing. (You’d think it would be difficult to… View Post

Effaclar Duo: The Spot-Treating SPF

Fans of La Roche-Posay’s Effaclar Duo rejoice: they have released a new version of their highly effective spot treatment, this time with an added SPF. Effaclar Duo+ SPF30 has the same basic formula as the original, helping to minimise the size and appearance of spots and blackheads, controlling shine and reducing the marks that stubborn spots tend to… View Post

New: Benefit Hoola Lite Bronzer

Benefit have launched a new version of their hugely popular Hoola bronzer: Hoola Lite. This is the first time that they’ve properly strayed away from their bestselling bronzer shade, offering up a slightly lighter alternative for those with fairer skin. Or, I suppose, those who want more of a gentle sunkissed effect rather than an obvious tan. Both bronzers are nice… View Post

New Hair, Crosspatch Stare

Why oh why do I look so bloody moody when I’m filming videos? I had always been under the impression that I had a rather cheery face – you know, a bit wholesome and healthy, friendly, the sort of face that might break into a companionable grin at the merest hint of a joke. But no. I have some serious… View Post

The Ordinary Colours: Serum and Coverage Foundation Review

Another foundation review for you. (Ambassador, you’re really spoiling us, etc.) It’s actually two foundation reviews in one; the Coverage Foundation and the Serum Foundation, both from Deciem brand The Ordinary. The Ordinary launched last year to a hugely positive reception from the beauty world; it’s a high-tech skincare brand with a no-frills, ingredient-led approach and incredibly low price-points. I’m not… View Post

Armani Power Fabric Foundation Review

I’ve been testing out Armani’s Power Fabric foundation – very thoroughly, as it happens, because I’ve been trying to film quite a bit of content for Youtube and so I’ve needed a fuller base. As you know, I’m not the greatest lover of high coverage, longwear foundations – I’ll usually grab something slightly more natural looking and glowy unless… View Post

Books: The Maggie O’Farrell Marathon

I’ve just finished reading the Maggie O’Farrell novel After You’d Gone, which completes my epic O’Farrell reading marathon. I’ve read all of her novels, now – five of them in the last couple of months – and I can safely declare her to be one of my favourite writers. I just think she’s absolutely brilliant. I’m only sad… View Post

Beauty Favourites: April 2017

Did you ever play a game when you were little called Kim’s Game? We used to play it at Girl Guides. It probably has loads of different names and ways to play it, but our version was this: you’d have a tray with a load of objects on (things like pens and buttons and whistles and so… View Post

Sunday Tittle Tattle: Trying to Focus

It’s almost entirely impossible to focus when you have a three month-old baby. Because it’s the first (I personally think) of the properly cute stages, when babies start to gurgle at you and try to grab things and generally flop about looking gorgeous. Ted is like a little warm bundle of baby smells and baby… View Post

Tom Ford Soleil: Summer Makeup Decadence

Brace yourselves for some serious makeup lust: the Soleil collection from Tom Ford has landed. Look at those compacts! So chic. And because I’m on a bit of a bronzer run this week, I thought I’d test out the Ultimate Bronzer. It’s pleasingly oversized – just calling out for a bit of summer action somewhere glitzy. Mine saw… View Post

Bourjois Mat Illusion Bronzer

I said in my Summer Essentials post that I’d review the Mat Illusion bronzer from Bourjois and so here it is in all its glory. It really is lovely. Completely free of any shimmer or pearlescence, it blends beautifully into the skin and leaves it looking realistically sunkissed. I’d say that it’s slightly too warm to use as… View Post

Some Sunshine Essentials…

Trying to schedule a post around when you think it might be sunny is almost impossible in this country, so I’m assuming that it will be raining as you read this. If it does happen to be raining, then look upon the post as a sort of “teaser” for any upcoming warm weather – at any rate, it’s… View Post

Sukin Micellar Cleansing Water

I completely forgot to include the Micellar Cleansing Water from Sukin in my Current Beauty Favourites: a huge oversight, because I actually use this quite regularly. I use micellars in general quite regularly, thinking about it, whether it’s to remove a bit of my makeup pre-cleansing, as in with a balm or oil or cream, or to have a… View Post