This is a gift, sent by God, to any woman who is a regular drinker.
Gasp! Women aren’t supposed to be regular drinkers, and they are certainly not supposed to admit to being regular drinkers. Nevertheless, if you are one (whether you keep it a secret or shout it from the rooftops) then you’ll be wanting a tube of this.
The Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque is every bit as good as it sounds. It’s like five-Alka-Seltzers-and-a-whole-tube-of-Berocca for the skin. It even feels as though it is fizzing slightly when it is first applied, and it turns your face a very fetching shade of orange.
So whilst the painkillers take effect, lie in the bath with a layer of this on your face (avoiding the eye area) and free your mind to ponder such questions as where you may have left your knickers, or how you managed to get home wearing only one shoe.
After twenty minutes or so, rinse the masque off and be amazed by how radiant and refreshed your skin looks. Of course, the inside of your body will still be bio-hazardous, but who cares if your face is as healthy-looking as a teetotaller’s?!
You can buy this mask at LookFantastic for £28.48 instead of £33:
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7 Responses to Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque

  1. Tara says:

    Hi Ruth! I love your blog and am always on it. :) I’m just wondering if this mask is good for problem skin/breakouts? Thank you x

  2. [...] truly an old favourite! If you want to read the review then you can open it in a new window here. It’s just great for tired, hungover, worn-out skin. £28-ish instead of the RRP of £33-ish, [...]

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  4. Lily says:

    Thanks :)

  5. LilyM says:

    I can’t find this? Unless it’s from the age smart range with the slightly different bottle? x

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