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Customised Cellulite-Busting Lotion!

Let’s face it – nobody takes good care of their thighs and bottom during the colder months. Nobody, that is, except for the kind of people who use ‘winter’ as a verb (as in “where do you winter?” Answer: “Mustique”), and models. There is no seasonal respite for model bum and thighs – they could be called upon to perform at any minute.

Take this morning as an example. A perfectly straightforward casting – or so I thought, until the client asked if she could please see me in my bikini bottoms and vest.
As I was stood there in my black Calvin Klein Seductive Comfort knickers (FYI very comfortable, ‘seductive’ is debatable), I gave myself a hearty pat on the back for Being Prepared.
For throughout the cold winter I have been body brushing almost daily, (see upcoming post for in-depth detail on body brushing) and I have been massaging lumps and bumps into oblivion with my customised anti-cellulite potion, featuring Clarins Body Shaping Supplement!


1) Take one of your favourite body lotions (lotions work much better for this than butters or thick creams)

2) Dispense a manageable amount into the palm of your hand

3) Add a few drops of Clarins Body Shaping Supplement

4) Mix, and massage into thighs, bottom and tummy

Clarins concentrate is utterly genius; instead of forking out premium prices for a ready-mixed lotion, you can use this supplement to turn your own humble body lotions into a powerful cellulite-and-fat-busting product!

Cost per application is considerably reduced – 50ml of supplement costs £36.50, only six to eight drops are needed each time – and it means that you can use whatever lotion takes your fancy, whether it be own-brand Coco-butter for less than a pound, or the most extravagant of anti-aging body milks.

TIP: The Shaping Supplement will blend with oils – why not combine with Almond Oil (see Listening to Mum) for a nightly after-bath treatment?

£34.75 with free delivery from SalonSkincare


  1. I’m so happy that I keep finding new posts I’ve somehow missed. I was looking into the Clarins lotions/creams and found this gem. Had NO idea this existed. Thanks!

  2. Ruth, I bought the professional bottle online which is massive, but the smell is super gross/disgusting/petrol/gas.. does yours smell the same?

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