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At a casting this morning, I spotted no less than twelve models wearing UGG boots. Stripy knitted ones, furry grey ones and buckled ones that looked like biker boots; nearly every style of UGG must have been represented!

Models generally love UGGs. We can mooch about town in them all day without getting tired (or cold) feet, they are easy to pull on and off when we need to change into our heels, and they are so abhorrent to the male sex that they manage to silence heckling builders, mid-whistle. Perfect!
When models are actually shooting, UGGs become even more useful; warm and comfortable and easy to change into between shots, or while hair and make-up work their magic. You wouldn’t believe how many pairs of UGG boots would appear in magazine pictures that have been cropped; if only you could see the models’ feet! I once stood in a field in a £2000 gown, and in the final shot I looked like the most glamorous woman in the world – but my feet were toasty and warm in my UGGs!

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  1. I LOVE my Uggs…more than just one pair, I’m obviously addicted to them! ;)

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