Sebastian Penetraitt Strengthening Repair Masque

My hair nearly always needs some TLC – it always has some whining excuse as to why it’s frazzled. “But people always straighten me and tong me! You get your highlights done! It’s the central heating…it’s the sunshine…”

Shut up hair, I’m tired of your excuses!

To silence it this week I have found a great masque by Sebastian – it’s a range of professional hair products that I often see in hair-stylists’ kit bags. This masque worked like a dream – my hair was silky and smooth, and it took only 3 minutes to work! Hurrah for Sebastian.

Probably you could leave it on for longer, and your hair would be almost dangerously shiny, but I wouldn’t bother – it’s good enough as it is!

If you suffer from weak, emotionally damaged hair then this is a must-buy. Watch the video to see the results…


  1. Hi Ruth,
    What watch are you wearing in this video? It looks very cool!


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