Moan-to-a-Model 1: “Puffing-Up” Undereyes

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So here we are with the very first ‘Moan-to-a-Model’, and a very good moan it is, too: Why do most eye-products de-puff eyes? What about people who don’t have puffy eyes, but in fact need them puffing out? Am I alone in thinking that this is a very good question? I would say that I have dark, sunken eyes much more than I have puffy eyes… but perhaps we are in a minority. Nevertheless, I have answered this Moan-to-a-Model problem in full on the video below – it just so happens that at the time of receiving the Problem Email, I was testing Bliss’s Youth As We Know It Eye Cream, and I was marveling at its plumping properties! Also good for dark circles, crows feet, fine lines, saggy skin and a whole shed-load of eye complaints! If you want to have a little try before you buy (always advisable!) then Selfridges is a good bet.

Bliss, “The Youth As We Know It”  Eye Cream, £39 from the Bliss Website

By the way: Yes, I do know that my glasses are wonky. Sadly, has always been so. I must have one ear lower than the other.

4 Responses to "Moan-to-a-Model 1: “Puffing-Up” Undereyes"
  1. Cara says:

    I have wonky ears too :(

  2. kirsty says:

    fabulous post x

  3. Charlie says:

    Wowza! I must get some of that! Thanks Ruth and what a coincedence that you were testing it during the time of my moaning :)

    • admin says:

      I know! I also have something else coming up that may be worth a try… keep your eyes peeled. Or puffed. x

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