Batiste Tropical

Just got back from Birmingham (more on that later) and have precisely twenty-two minutes to get ready for the Sex and the City 2 VIP Screening! Oh dear. Won’t be washing my hair then! Bought some more Batiste at the train station Superdrug, this time I thought I’d be a bit crazy and try something new. Batiste Tropical smells like Pina Colada, or to be more precise, it makes your hair smell like you’ve fallen asleep with your head in a pool of Pina Colada, which is quite different. I know that, because I’ve done it.

I’m not sure that I’m totally in love with this smell for a daytime-do…it would suit a beach holiday perfectly though, and it does ‘raise one’s spirits’ somehow. Anyway, it’s too late, I’ve sprayed it all over, and it’s here to stay. But for those of you off to warmer climes – pick some of this up. It’s invaluable in those last-minute panic moments when your hair looks as though it hasn’t been washed since the Ice Age. Right, have to run! Carrie et al await me….


  1. Oh I listened about other viewers saying that… well.. it’s better to go just to have a look at the clothing and shoes, but to not expect much.. xD

    sorry for the double commenting earlier, didn’t notice you were moderating..

  2. PS, everyone: I have comment moderation, because you wouldn’t believe the stuff that some weirdos try to post up here…. that’s why comments sometimes take a while to appear! x x

  3. oh.. i just commented but it doesn’t appear…

    anyways, tell us how the movie was.. i’m not into sex an the city but curious about what the fans say :)

    • Oh God…. Let’s just say, if you’re a SATC fan, DON”T go to the new movie. It has shattered all of my dreams. Acting: Dreadful. Styling: Dreadful. Script: Writer should be shot. Honestly, it was bad. And this coming from a girl who actually sat through Marley & Me. My marriage is on it’s “third bad film and you’re out” strike, so I had better be careful on the next one!

  4. hey! I just re-subscribed here ^__^

    oh my i’m not that sex and the city fan… tell us how it was anyway.. piña colada.. i think i prefer it in my glass and not on my hair :P

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