Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser Review

The Great Tinted Moisturiser Hunt has begun! Avid followers will already know that I am searching for a new TM to replace my Stila. I know, I know, you can still find Stila products very easily on the internet, but quite frankly, I can’t be bothered! (If anyone has any suggestions of their own, then help a model in the throes of ‘beauty distress’ and leave a comment!)

First up: Laura Mercier with an illuminating formula. Kicks out quite a sheen, I can tell you! I’m scared to go up on my roof-terrace tonight in case planes start coming in to land, beckoned in by the sheer luminosity of my face… Anyway, good start to the search as I’m loving this one; great finish, non-greasy, blended in a treat. Better than my good old Stila, I hear you ask? To which I say “Stila? Stila who?”

Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer, £33 from


  1. Ruth I imediately went an got a sample at sephora and the tester didn’t have much left but used it for 2 days and absolutely love it I can relate to your skin cause I am oily however I have rosacea but still it worked for me and didn’t break me out more I also took advantage and got myself a sample of her oil free foundation in BLUSH IVORY what do you think of her foundation please post soon thanks much love from a huge fan down in the South Florida Miami

  2. hi
    i totally love your site!
    i ve got the tinted moisturizer oil free one and i have no idea if i should youse it with or without moisturizer. every shop keeper tells me something different :-(. i`d be very glad if i get you advice thank you!

    • @Marion it totally depends on your skin type. I have combi and I moisturise everywhere except the t-zone before applying this TM. It’s dewy enough without added oil! xx

  3. Hi Ruth, I’v been debating whether or not to purchase this product, my only worry is that it’s quite sparkly and shimmery? I don’t want to go out in the sun where the sparkles will reflect. Is it like a sheen? Thanks! x

  4. Hi Ruth!
    Have you tried their regular TM? Would you know whether the illuminating one has the same consistency as the regular one?
    I’m using Clinique’s right now and I find that too thick and it smells rather medicine like…

    Also, just so glad to have found your site! I’ve spent the last couple of days catching up on your posts and videos! You are very entertaining (and informative)! Do you mind sharing some of your favorite books? I also love my kindle but I think it’s time to expand my reading beyond chick lit :P
    Thanks so much!

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