Model Bikini Blitz: The 3 Day Detox Diary

This morning saw the start of my 3 Day Detox, delivered to my door by the lovely people at Nosh Detox Delivery. I’m recording a video diary so that you can see for yourselves how this detox pans out – how my skin and body look before and after the detox, how easy (or hard!) it is to stick to, and exactly what I the detox involves.

First installment below; “The One In Which I Moan About My Hangover”.

Ruth CrillyModel Bikini Blitz: The 3 Day Detox Diary

8 Comments on “Model Bikini Blitz: The 3 Day Detox Diary”

  1. Georgie

    I so admire you. After a very indulgent week that had involves a mini break and 2 weddings I decided that a detox was needed. My weekly shop was ordered and arrived with lots of fruit and veg. I had decided salads, veg and fruit in the day with perhap stir fryed veg and a little brown rice in the evenings. I caved monsterously half way through day 2. All I could think of was cheesy pizza so thats what I had!! I fell off the wagon in a big way. The annoying thing was I usually eat quite healthily and rarely eat pizza so it must have been the thought that I was denting myself that made me cave.

    1. Ruth Crilly

      Exactly! You’re so right! I’m just off to do a big veg-and-healthy-stuff shop now. If I crave anything, it’s always pasta!

  2. Ola

    Hahaha, you’re hilarious Ruth – I laughed out loud so many times watching this video. Hope it goes ok for you although I’m not gonna lie, it does NOT sound appealing ;) best of luck!

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