Model Bikini Blitz: The 3 Day Detox Diary, Day 2

Day 2 in the Big Detox House, and I am quite literally losing my mind! Well…perhaps that’s an exaggeration – I can still type, spell, and sentance a contrsuct , after all! Watch the video to see how I got on today. Over and out.


  1. hahaha hope the 3rd day is better for you ruth!!! My english is pretty bad, sorry!!

  2. Hilarious… again… errrm, sorry, it doesn’t tick you off I’m laughing at your misery, does it? ;)
    So far I can’t say I’m sold on this detox lark, but I shall be waiting for my daily dose of laughs (that is, for your next video post). Hang in there girl, only one more day to go! xx

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