Day 2 in the Big Detox House, and I am quite literally losing my mind! Well…perhaps that’s an exaggeration – I can still type, spell, and sentance a contrsuct , after all! Watch the video to see how I got on today. Over and out.

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4 Responses to Model Bikini Blitz: The 3 Day Detox Diary, Day 2

  1. Sol says:

    hahaha hope the 3rd day is better for you ruth!!! My english is pretty bad, sorry!!

  2. Ola says:

    Hilarious… again… errrm, sorry, it doesn’t tick you off I’m laughing at your misery, does it? ;)
    So far I can’t say I’m sold on this detox lark, but I shall be waiting for my daily dose of laughs (that is, for your next video post). Hang in there girl, only one more day to go! xx

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