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Summer Spritzers: Floral Waters from "love+art"

I don’t know quite how to describe just how much I love the gorgeous new floral waters from “love+art”. As well as being incredible toners, they’re great for a cooling spritz for the face and neck during the summer.

Products don’t get much more ethically and ecologically sound than these; the ingredients are sourced from the Ourika valley, Marrakech, and are completely traceable from plant to bottle. Plants are ethically harvested – ‘wildcrafted’ – from their natural habitat, only the necessary flowers or branches are taken. The products are totally organic, and there are absolutely no hidden nasties; for example, the ingredients list on the ‘orange flower’ water reads: Oil of Orange flower, Distilled water.

The orange flower water makes a wonderful summer facial spritz; it’s soothing on hot, dried-out skin. I’ve been using the ‘moroccan rose’ floral water as my nightly toner, and actually, if I haven’t been wearing make-up during the day, I’ve been using the water as a cleanser too. The waters refresh and revitalise, but don’t leave the skin feeling dried out or ‘tight’ – they really are a pleasure to use!

As you would expect from such a pure product, they’re really fresh and light, and they smell divine. They cost £10.75 each for a generous 250ml bottle (by comparison, The Body Shop’s Vitamin C Spritz costs £8 for 100ml and has a (non-organic) ingredients list as long as your arm!) and are available from the love+art website, www.loveandart.co.uk

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