Model Bikini Blitz: A Model’s Guide to Cellulite Treatments

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Right; we’ve had Tanning, we’ve had Body Brushing, and now we’ve got Cellulite Treatments. When I say ‘treatments’, I mean topical creams, gels and oils that claim to reduce cellulite, slim down bumpy bits and generally help to contour the body. I’m not actually going to offer reviews of specific products in this post, because there are just far too many that I’ve tested, and you would be sat here for hours! I’m going to offer recommendations individually, or at least in smaller ‘groups’, which will be a lot easier to digest. (See here for product recommendations.)

“So what’s this Guide to Cellulite Treatments all about then, if it’s not about the treatments?” I hear you ask! Well, it’s not about which treatments to use, it’s about how you go about using them. I really believe that you can only get noticeable results if you put a bit of effort into the application. And by that, I mean really massaging the product in and getting the circulation going – and doing this on a regular basis. Daily, if at all possible.

There’s always the argument that it’s the massaging and toxin-eliminating-sweeping movements that really get results, and that the topical treatments are absolutely worthless – some people claim that you’d be just as well rubbing in cheap old body lotion. I have to say that I disagree with this – when it comes to ‘orange peel’ skin (and yes, we all get it, including models!) the appearance can be noticeably improved by some of the ingredients in the topical products.

I have been applying my products in a more – shall we say ‘dynamic’? – way for a few years now, and I’m absolutely convinced that this method gets better – and faster – results. In any case, it’s free, so you’ve got nothing to lose! It should feel almost like a mini-workout, your muscles tensed and your hands really kneading at the flesh and working the product in. You needn’t spend the whole day doing it – even sixty seconds is a pretty good circulation booster!

Take a look at the video guide – I’m actually doing my massaging a lot less vigorously than I would have been doing had I not been filming it – I have to try and retain some dignity!  You, on the other hand, in the privacy of your bedroom or bathroom, can really go for it.

Ruth CrillyModel Bikini Blitz: A Model’s Guide to Cellulite Treatments

6 Comments on “Model Bikini Blitz: A Model’s Guide to Cellulite Treatments”

  1. pelininstyle

    I will use this system from now on:)
    I use BioOil at the moment. It is said to be great.we’ll see:)

    1. Michelle

      Ruth, how many times a week do you body brush? I find it a bit of a slog doing it every day…do you have to do it everyday for it to make a difference?

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