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Auf Wiedersehen Pets… (meet the Runaway Girl)

I’m off to Germany briefly and I’ll be back on… actually I have no idea. This is how things work in fashion – if you’re a model, anyway. You need to have your backpack ready at all times.

A very appropriate time to introduce you to my new love, the ‘Runaway Girl’ pendant from Karen Walker – although, admittedly, I’m not actually running away. Runaway Girl might possibly be my perfect travelling companion – silent, reflective and solid under pressure. If she could also play travel scrabble, then that would be handy, but we can’t have everything in life now can we?

If you want your own little Runaway Girl, go to www.karenwalker.com for stockists – mine was an anniversary present from Start Boutique in Shoreditch, but I have a sneaking suspicion they have sold out. Have a browse in the catalogue; I love the ‘Scattered Hearts’ necklace and the ‘Caterpillar’ pendant – very Alice in Wonderland!

Right, I’m off. There are a couple of posts scheduled so that you don’t get withdrawal symptoms – the cat food is under the sink, and please don’t forget to water the plants.


  1. Lucky you – I’m going on the ninth!
    Its a really nice country; people often underestimate that haha!
    have a great time x

  2. Ruth, I love your blog! I really, really like your style of writing. (And I even bought that Pantene Clarifying Shampoo when I was in London a month ago. It does work!) Have fun in my home country. Greetings from a German girl

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