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Eyeko Rain Polish… “Bleu-taque”

I like everything about Eyeko’s Rain Polish; I like the name, I like the shape of the bottle, I like the label and I like the colour. This is the fourth shade that I’ve tried, the first three being ‘Posh’, ‘Coral’ and ‘Petite’ (a very pretty pale pink).

The shade, as someone pointed out on Monday, is almost the same colour as ‘Blu-Tack’, but it’s a very sophisticated Blu-Tack; not too bright, not garish, and certainly not ‘sickly pastel’. I’m going to call it “Bleu-taque”. The polish goes on very easily, and two coats is definitely plenty.

I would normally keep a ‘non-neutral’ polish shade on for about, oooh, thirteen minutes, so it says good things about Rain Polish that it managed to avoid extermination for a whole three days!

Eyeko Rain Polish, £3.50 from www.eyeko.com


  1. It’s gorgeous.

    I’m getting it. I’ll be broke at this rate!


  2. I love this colour, I got it today. It was a little more grey than I thought it’d be, but the subtle shimmer in it is gorgeous!

    • Did you find that? I thought it was more blue than grey after a couple of coats! Either way, I’m in love with it – I’m buying some greyish sandals today and I’ll paint my toenails with Rain!

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