Klorane Sensitive Eye Makeup Remover

I used Klorane’s sensitive eye makeup remover last week after a job and thought it was excellent. I was wearing a load of dark blue eyeshadow with primer underneath and the Klorane lotion took it off IN ONE GO!

I was quite surprised by this, as the formula felt very watery, and it was so very gentle. Usually formulas like these are pretty lame at taking off heavy makeup! This one didn’t leave any greasy residue, didn’t make the skin tight and didn’t irritate my eyes. Top marks all round!

However; I have been informed that this particular product is no longer available from Klorane, which is a real shame.  If you struggle to find effective but gentle cleansers for the eye area, then this could be (have been!) your answer. If you fancy giving this a try, there are still places that have it in stock – I’m off to scour the internet stores! The best price I’ve found so far is £4.65 for 100ml on ‘powderpuff.net’ with free delivery.


  1. So is this to be used in the same way as a Bioderma type product? Sound really nice…

  2. They still have it here in Paris as far as I know.

  3. I just read a post on Style.com that made it seem as if it might have been reformulated? The post mentions a 1. of August release date..

    (it’s here: http://www.style.com/beauty/beautycounter/2010/07/klorane-takes-it-all-off/ )

  4. You should really try the “Micellar Lotion” by Avène, it’s amazing!
    I was surprised that such a “watery” and apparenty bland product works so well…I purchased it because I was developing a strange allergic reaction on my eyes, and it worked like a charm!

  5. Oh no! I hope I can still get hold of this… My eyes are super sensitive and I wear a lot of eye makeup so it sounds perfect !

    • Google “Klorane eye makeup remover” and quite a few different stockists come up! I hope you like it!

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