Model Kit: Hamburg, July 2010

Here’s a first: I made a video of what was in my travel bag, or ‘Model Kit’ as I like to call it. The contents of my kit change each and every time I go away – it depends on how long I go for, where I’m going, and what I’m doing when I get there. This was an overnight trip to Germany, and I knew that I’d be getting hair and makeup done at the job, so my travel bag is small and ‘to-the-point’!

I often fly out to places for really short amounts of time, and I’ve become a bit of an expert on ‘hand-luggage’ beauty! I’m the queen of miniature products – and if I can’t get a product as a sample or a ‘bonus’ gift, I have a bizarre collection of small plastic bottles that I decant the full sizes into with a special funnel! I might show you this apparatus one day, if you’re lucky…

The video shows my kit at it’s most stripped down – this is pretty much the lightest that I ever travel. When you schlep about as a model, you try to keep excess luggage weight to a minimum, but even so, I do tend to go a little overboard sometimes, especially if I’m away for more than a week!

Just to give you an idea of my requirements for this trip; in the 23 hours that I spent in Hamburg, 7 of them were spent sleeping, 11 were spent working and the remaining 5 were spent either in a taxi, in the airport or in my room. So you see – not a lot needed!

Ruth CrillyModel Kit: Hamburg, July 2010

7 Comments on “Model Kit: Hamburg, July 2010”

  1. Ally Creative

    i once got this travel kit from Primark, and i must tell you those bottles were very weird. i never thought that this could be ever an issue, but the shampoo would flow down the walls of those bottles, it was impossible to get anything out. now i just reuse gift with purchase tiny bottles like you :)

  2. Modesty Brown

    I love the black and white video, it looks great. I see now why you like the GWP miniatures, they must be really handy for traveling and keeping bulk to a minimum. That dual ended mascara and concealer is a fab idea too, was that a GWP?
    Jane x

    1. admin

      The dual ended Estee Lauder thing was actually given to me at a makeup counter because I was there doing a job for Grazia Magazine. I’ve got two of them, and they have lasted over a year so far!

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