Just exactly how cute is this soap-on-a-rope from l’Occitane? I love everything about it, from the polo-mint shape to the duck-egg blue colour, from the ‘flotsam and jetsam’ rope to the ‘postcard’ packaging. The best thing, however, is the fragrance; Calanques. I’ve been wearing the Calanques Eau de Toilette for a couple of weeks now, and it’s like ‘Mediterranean Seaside Village’ in a bottle. Amazing – it actually makes me feel different when I spray it on; happy and relaxed, like I’m being transported to the South of France – it’s just absolutely spot-on.

I’m loathe to recommend fragrances, because they’re such a personal choice, but the Calanques range is so fun and fresh that I just can’t resist! If you want to bring a bit of ‘chilled holiday’ spirit to your day, then you know what to spritz! I’d love it if l’Occitane would make some kind of room scent in this fragrance – it’s a shame that the range is limited edition, I think that it would make a good permanent fixture.

Perfect for presents: the ‘Buoy’ Body Soap, £6, and the ‘message in a bottle’ style Sea Salts, £16.

Perfect for yourself, when those stormy nights start a-rollin’ in: Eau de Toilette, £27

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2 Responses to Buoy-oh-Buoy….

  1. [...] The whole Amande Pomme range had such cute packaging too. L’Occitane also kept the Calanques range as a limited edition, which I am still sore about – it was one of their best fragrances [...]

  2. [...] Finally, though, I’ve been ‘had’. l’Occitane have my most favourite ever range in the sale – one that I thought had completely disappeared off the face of the earth! The Calanques range is absolutely beautiful – I posted about it when it was new, you can read about it here: Calanques, Buoy-Oh-Buoy [...]

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