Meet the Family…

This is my little sister, Kate. She’s completely nuts and a wicked laugh: if you like fashion with a sense of humour, then look no further. ‘Brain’ hats, necklaces made out of felt ‘Tape Cassettes’… she’s just going into her second year at fashion college, and she’s already sewing up a bit of a storm.

I try to get her to test out beauty stuff, but she will only use soap and water. She’s a demon with the old eyeliner pencil, though! The bottom picture (where she has blue – yes blue – hair) is her demonstrating the use of a black Eyeko Graffiti pen.

So there you go; introduction made. Dear Readers, meet Kate; Kate meet Dear Readers. If you want to become part of her crazy world, you can see what she’s up to on her blog: Crilly Style


  1. My dear Kate now that you have got the leopard print boots can I borrow the Office shoes???? And I love love love your hair so don’t go changing it please!!!!!

    • Mum – Kate can’t actually read this – it’s not like a telephone that I can pass to her! I’m going to have to start keeping a close eye on you…. x x

    • Adorable! My mother does the same on my youtube channel!

  2. Love the blue hair, gorge colour, she’d probably look great with Kelly Osborn’s shade of purple too which I love.

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