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August Organic Night Creams

I have been swapping between two different night creams this month; one, from Organic Surge, a dedicated night cream, and the other, from The Organic Pharmacy, a best-selling moisturiser.

The Overnight Sensation cream from Organic Surge smells utterly delicious and has quite a luxurious consistency. It needs a little work to get it fully absorbed, whereas the Double Rose Rejuvenating Cream from The Organic Pharmacy absorbs very, very easily. Both seem to have a very similar effect on my skin, however, leaving it ever so slightly oily, but nicely plumped out and soft by the time I wake up.

I absolutely adore the rose smell in both, though the Organic Surge cream has more of a rose geranium scent than pure rose; both have been equally soothing on my skin during my holiday in France, and a pleasure to use.

Although the Double Rose Rejuvenating Cream seems more immediately effective, in that it absorbs well, I think that the Organic Surge is a really great alternative, containing many of the same ingredients – both products contain organic ingredients, and are paraben free.

So, if you want the entirely luxurious option, then the Double Rose Rejuvenating Cream is £35.95 from the Organic Pharmacy. If you’re slightly strapped for cash, then the Overnight Sensation from Organic Surge is incredible value for money, at just £7.99, and is available at Boots!


  1. This is a really helpful comparison. I love rose scented products and these both sound lovely. x

  2. Given current frugal blogger status I have opted for the Organic Surge version of this, it does smell lovely and I am looking forward to waking up tomorrow with super soft skin! I have dry skin and this absorbs rapidly on me, great recommendation thanks!

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