Hurrah – another great colour from Eyeko! This one’s a neon pink, great for showing off tanned hands and feet, and the formula, as always, is really easy to apply. It actually feels much thicker than usual, but that could be my imagination. Whatever; my painting skills are non-existent, and I managed with this perfectly.

This shade looks great with denim – blue really complements it – which is handy for me, ‘the girl who lives in denim’.

Another Eyeko favourite to add to my growing collection – good job each bottle is only £3.50!

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8 Responses to Eyeko Punk Polish

  1. Fee - Makeupsavvy says:

    Looks great on your nails – but wondering if it would look so good against my own pale skin!

    Great shade though.

    Fee x

  2. Ally Creative says:

    i actually heard from Pixiwoo that it’s a matte polish. it looks very shiny on this photo.

  3. Sami says:

    Oooo I love pink! And for £3.50 I would totes buy it

  4. This looks lovely and bright!

  5. thebristolbeautyblog says:

    I love the colour! x

  6. Charlotte says:

    I love Eyeko polish’s, they are always on trend x

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