Eyeko Grafitti

Some cheeky little eyeliners for you here; they’re basically felt-tipped pens for your face, and will probably bring back memories of scribbling in colouring books and getting into trouble for drawing on the walls. Or is that just me? I once drew a whole family of rabbits on the wall beneath the kitchen table, in black felt-tipped pen. Boy was I in trouble.

These are really easy to use; I tried out the brown and loved the subtle colour, my sister used the black and found it very simple to use. “So simple,” she said, “that it’s almost difficult, because I’m used to it being harder.” I’m not sure whether that makes sense to you, but it did to us. Perhaps because we’re genetically similar or something…

Anyhoo. If you like a liquid liner, you may want to give these a whirl. Once dry, they do. Not. Budge. See video evidence below.

Graffiti eyeliners by Eyeko, £5 each.


  1. Hey i wanted to ask would this leak into the eyes and start stinging ??

    • @Jeyda – no, I can’t imagine why it would…it dries on your lid so it can’t really run anywhere! I haven’t experienced that problem with it! If you’re concerned about liquid liners but like the smooth application and intense look then try Avon’s supershock gel liner, that goes on easily but is more like a pencil than a felt-tipped pen. x

  2. Hi Helen

    You can also find Eyeko at http://www.powderrooms.com

  3. Hi Helen

    You can also get them at http://www.powderrooms.com

  4. Thanks. Sorry didn’t mean to comment twice, my internet explorer was playing up earlier!

    • No, it’s my moderation setting; people think that they have lost their comment, it’s actually just waiting for approval! x

  5. Hi, great post and product review. I love felt tipped eyeliners so will definitely be checking these out. Was just wondering how easy you find to remove it with cleanser or eye makeup remover?



  6. Great video and review, I love felt tip eyeliners and will definitely be checking these out. Do you know where you can get them in London?

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