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Ducie's Darling Dresses

I’m a very lazy dresser. I don’t know whether or not I’ve mentioned that before, but I am. Even if I’m going to a really important casting, I can’t be arsed faffing around with skirts that ride up, tops that fall down and a load of jangly accessories that catch on your clothes and are generally annoying.

I like simple shapes and colours and I rely on good cuts and expensive fabrics to compensate for my lack of ‘adventurous spirit’. Which is why this 100% silk dress from Ducie is perfect for me. It’s lined, so I don’t have to worry about the world seeing my underwear, it’s not too low-cut, and it comes with a matching sash that completely changes the look from casual to a more ‘dressy’ feel.

It’s pretty short. Really short, actually, but it’s not tight, so it avoids being slutty. I’m going to wear it with a leather jacket (or aviator, if I manage to decide which one I want to buy!) or heaps and heaps of big chunky knitwear! This dress comes in seven gorgeous colours including black, but I think that the shade that I’m wearing – Praline – will take me very fashionably through the year until next summer, when I can wear it with bare legs and float around the beach in it!

Ducie will be at London Fashion Weekend (23rd-26th September) where you can view the whole range for yourselves! If you can’t make it, then you could always do as I did and pick from the website, www.ducie.co.uk. Everything is utterly gorgeous and there are no surprises with fit or fabric; my dress was exactly as expected. Utterly gorgeous!

(100% pure silk ‘Floaty’ Dress in Praline £160)


  1. Very pretty Dress unfortumately I have chubby thighs so can’t wear short dresses :( Violins please

  2. mmm…awkward question BUT I need to ask !!
    umm..you say it’s short right ? well it seems perfect to me.. but just because in the summer i am always chilling around with my cousins and what not .. what would you suggest i could wear underneath to avoid showing a “bit too much ”
    ( it’s gonna be my impulse purchase but i really need to think about this point because it’s too darn pretty to be consigned to depths of my closet !!!
    Help :)

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