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The Daily Mail – Gaps and Stuff..


  1. Old news… BUT I think you must be really confident not to do anything about it. The gap actually makes you look more youthful, like a child. Will I close it, if I have one? I’m not confident enough to wear it, I think.

  2. Newspapers, especially that one, never fail to make mistakes! Oh well, nice article all the same!

  3. Didn’t anyone at the newspaper proof read this? “despite of” doesn’t make sense. I think you meant in spite of, or just despite.

  4. The thing I love most from your pretty face is the gap!!!!!!!
    You were So cute as a little girl!

  5. =) and you write well too !

  6. I love your gap! It makes you look even more beautiful (tsk!) and individual. I had that hideous operation when I was younger to remove the flesh between my front two teeth (but because mine crossed over) and it really wasn’t worth the awful experience. xx

  7. I think you’ve been one of the firts to sport the gap! now it’s really trendy, isn’t it? :)

  8. Love this article! My husband has a slight gap between his teeth, and he keeps threatening to try to get it closed, but I love it and think it gives his face so much more character than if he didn’t have it. Really interesting to read how this cost you some jobs but won you others.

  9. Your gap looks great on you… I can’t imagine you without it!

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