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Chanel Hydramax Active Tinted Lotion – A Spanner in the Works

Chanel has rather thrown a spanner in the works of my ‘hunt for a new tinted moisturiser’. I had thought, possibly rather naively, that I would go on hunting for the perfect formula until I had exhausted testing out every single brand; relentlessly applying, reapplying, jogging on treadmills, battling through the wind and rain to test finish, coverage and staying power.

But no, Chanel has stopped my search dead in its tracks: it has made me fall in love with it’s Hydramax tinted lotion so much that the thrill of the hunt, for the moment, has passed. The thing is, I knew it was risky even opening the box – I knew that there was a pretty good chance that I would fall in love with it, because I have liked – no, loved – almost everything from Chanel that I have ever tried!

It was to be no different for Hydramax Teinte – it went on like velvet and left my skin beautifully fresh-looking. It smelt lovely, and it stayed on (as it should!) all day. But there’s more to this love; as I say in the video, buying little ‘somethings’ from Chanel scratches a luxury ‘itch’ for me. It makes me feel as though I have treated myself, bought something naughty – when in fact the purchase is almost entirely guilt-free, because all I’m really doing is spending money on a high-quality beauty product!

This ‘tinted lotion’ from Chanel has pretty much seen me through the last few days presenting shows at Style Birmingham. (I’m talking hot lights, clammy, stressed skin and lots of running on and off stage!) A more sensible person might have used foundation, set with powder, retouched throughout the day, but I decided to throw caution to the wind and put all of my trust in this little tube of Chanel! I wasn’t disappointed – not only did the tinted lotion have great staying power, it looked ever so slightly dewy without being at all shiny, and I think that this look, if you can achieve it, is much younger and fresher than a ‘set’ base.

Obviously this kind of cosmetic perfection comes with a bit of a price-tag, but this one is by no means the most expensive that I’ve tested out and I think that it is worth every penny! Take a look at the video below and see if you agree…

Chanel Hydramax Tinted Lotion, £32 from Boots

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  1. Chanel products are amazing… so I guess for £32 it’s worth it :- )

    Do you think it would be suitable for darker/asian skin tone? A lot of people have complained that Chanel makeup doesn’t really cater to us brown birds! xx

  2. Oh my gosh, you are me! Except I am not a model (I am too short obviously) I am such a Chanel Whore too. I also love this and the smell, Chanel products just make me feel happier inside. I didn’t know if I just loved this because I love Chanel, so your opinion has somewhat validated mine. Their vitalumiere foundation is my all time fave foundation too.

  3. I liked this article – I use hydramax gel moisturiser and love it! I love the smell particularly and how I give my boyfriend a kiss in the morning and he says that I smell nice. I love going to the Chanel cuonter and coming away with a little chanel bag instead of a John Lewis Carrier bag. It makes me feel expensive and indulgent. I have been known to spend my last £100 a week before payday on the Chanel Counter. I can’t afford thei clothes/accessories so I guess a girl haws to make do. Most recent Chanel Purchases: Lipgloss in a corally colour (from their A/W range) and blue satin nail varnish. Arrrrr

  4. I love trying out tinted moisturizers..Do you feel the Chanel one is lighter/heavier than the Madara Tinting Fluid? I’ve been using Madara one for a while (great recommendation by the way:), I just love its smell and texture so much! xoxo

    • Yes, the Chanel is heavier – I think anything would be heavier than Madara’s! But it’s GORGEOUS. Really. I haven’t used anything else since testing it (apart from the Madara!)

  5. OK, I am going after it!! Thx Ruth! xoxo

  6. Gasp! I want to try this too! I’ve tried their Teint Innocence foundation and I loved it! I’m looking for something lighter to wear for everyday use and this might be it. Thanks for the fab review. You are one gorgeous girl!

  7. Hi Ruth,

    First of all, I am in love with you site – thank you and keep up the amazing work!
    And second, I too am on a search for a tinted moiturizer (thats actually how I found your page in the first place). I have been modelling also and therefore I have not really used foundation in my free time, sometimes though I have used the MAC body foundation for some years now. And now I want a tinted mosturiser! So here comes the question; have you found a replacement for the Stila one or should I just search that one down?

    Again, thanks for this blog, love it! And ps. you have the most gorgeous skin!

  8. Looks great! Did you try Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturiser in your search for a new one? I’m also after a TM and perhaps looking for slightly more coverage than the Chanel one offers… but I am definitely tempted to buy it as it just looks so gorgeous!

  9. Oops just saw that you did review the LM illuminating TM! But any thoughts as to TM with a little more coverage would still be excellent :)

  10. I have tried lots of things that you’ve recommended on your rather lovely website, but none has got my attention quite like this one. Treated myself to this during a wee shopping trip over the long St Patrick’s Day weekend & am so impressed with it! Glides on, smells amazing & just makes me look really fresh, but not made-up. Love, love on a grand scale & will definately repurchase, my skin thanks you for the intro x

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