Inside the Model's Hotel Bathroom…

I’d like to make it clear that this is not my bathroom, just in case you didn’t read the title properly. This is the bathroom of my room at the Radisson Blu in Birmingham, where I have been staying whilst presenting shows at Style Birmingham. If this was my bathroom, there would no doubt be toothpaste squished out into the sink, a shirt or two ‘steaming’ (the lazy way of ironing) next to the shower, and idiotic pictures finger-painted onto the mirror. No, this is definitely not my bathroom. The only similarity is the number of products crowded onto every surface, and bits and pieces balancing precariously over the edge of the shelf. It’s like Jenga trying to pick out an eye pencil or a mascara from this lot, I tell you.

Anyway, this photo was just supposed to be a little bit of fun, because the products that you see here are only about two thirds of what I brought with me to Birmingham. For my three – yes three – night stay. The problem with being a model, and especially a model who is appearing ‘in the flesh’ rather than being photographed, is that every eventuality has to be covered. Hair may get frizzy, or roots may turn oily; either situation could arise, and not only do I need an immediate solution to the problem, I need relevant shampoos and conditioners to ensure that the problem doesn’t turn into a catastrophe!

So have fun ‘product spotting’ – can anyone spot a lipstick made by a certain man with a bit of a cult following? My absolute hero products over the Style Birmingham Live weekend were: that very lipstick (clue: available at, my Chanel Tinted Lotion, my Caudalie Sorbet-Creme and my Trevor Sorbie Light Serum!


  1. ooh, I spot the shue uemura instant glow. I soooo live by it also, thanks for the feature on this, this is what convinced me to buy it. I might try your 5 minute skin care routine as well.

  2. If you need to sort out your bathroom in a Hotel, can we help at home, you know how storage is a problem, maybe you need to lay it out like a workshop in which case we can help! Interesting idea s here about what a model needs in her bathroom! It’s about organisation!

  3. i spot an edward bess lipstick on top of where the faucet is. am i right?

    anyway, even though i’m not a model (a performer, too. just a different medium :p), i definitely need to be prepared as well! not as much as this, mind. but you really never know what can happen!

  4. I’m so sad :) I spy an Edward Bess lippy! xx

  5. Ha-Ha! This is like I-Spy beauty edition!
    Still looking for the lipstick…

  6. Oh man!!! That will prolly take up half of my backpack (I travel light)!!
    Modelling IS hard work. ;) Have a good week ahead, babe!

  7. is that caudalie cleansing water???

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