Liz Earle Prize Draw Results

Thanks SO much to everyone who entered the Liz Earle Haircare Prize Draw! Hopefully you all had a little look around their site when you clicked through; I’ll be posting more about Liz Earle in the near future, but for now I’ll just say that everything is natural, gentle but really effective!

So, here we go with the winners – they should all receive their haircare from Liz Earle very soon! 1. Maxine Cassidy  2. Rhian Jones  3. Anna Mitchell  4. Martin Glass  5.  Teresa Jolly. Congratulations to the five winners!

For those who didn’t win (I want to say ‘unlucky few’, but in fact there were nearly 300 entries!) I seriously can’t recommend this haircare enough; it’s kind to colour, kind to sensitive scalps, kind to oily roots, but still manages to leave hair absolutely clean. For those people on the hunt for SLS-free products (SLS is a cleaning agent considered to be harsh on the skin) then you must try this one!


  1. cant believe i won! have had a terrible week, and this made me smile, so thank you :) x x

  2. QVC are doing a todays special value of Liz Earle, a set of products for a 1 day only discounted price, the haircare is launching on qvc in october, so although tsv contents are a secret until nearer to the day, its though the haircare will be included in it. So its on october 2nd at midnight, thats sat night i think, at least we can have a lie in on sunday after staying up for the show :-) Gillian.

  3. Congrats to the winners! I entered but then decided I couldn’t wait so got myself down to Johnny Lu lu’s and my local only stock Liz earle skincare – gutted!

    • Oh no!! Just order it online; tell them you entered the AMR/Liz Earle comp and that you want to buy some anyway! It’s superfast delivery, and you get little samples – everything handwrapped. I love it! x x

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