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Fleur Cherie by l'Occitane

If you are a l’Occitane fan you’ll have probably already heard about their new fragrance, Fleur Cherie. If you buy InStyle magazine, you’ll also know all about it, because this month’s has a free Fleur Cherie hand lotion! I have been using the body lotion, which is quite possibly the most fragranced body lotion I have ever used – it’s almost as potent as wearing the perfume itself! Lovely. But it’s not the body lotion that I want to talk about today, it’s the cosmetics –  I have been playing about with the new range that launches early next month, and I made a video of my initial reactions to the products.

Spoiler alert: I love them! The Facecolour Powders (£12.50 each) come in the sweetest little cardboard containers; they remind me of eyeshadows that my Mum used to have on her dressing table! In the video I use the ‘Rose Dentelle’ as a blush – I think you’ll agree that it’s a splendid, suit-all-tones kind of colour. The ‘Bleu Damassé’ has two shades; a shimmery jade blue and a darker steel grey, both very wearable. The textures of the powders are excellent. I was also very impressed with the eyeliner – it was quite smudgy but very, very black, and I think well-priced at £8. The most memorable item for me is the Jewel lip palette (£22) which reminds me of a vintage pocketwatch! The lip shines inside are very wearable, have a slight shimmer and would suit both cool and warm skin tones.

But I’m totally ruining your viewing experience here, aren’t I? The video is obviously a much better guide and review than anything I could possibly write, so take a look. The only thing it can’t reveal to you is the gorgeous Fleur Cherie fragrance that gently scents the makeup powders – it makes them feel very ‘boudoir’!


  1. Lots of lovely products there. I really like the face powder/blusher, it’s such a nice shade. I have to be nosy and ask, which brushes were you using for the eye make up? I was trying to work out if they were Sigma or Crown brushes. I’m having a moment of brush lust. I think it’s the make up spending ban, I’m feeling the urge to buy something!

    • Haha! They’re very old brushes from Pout in Covent Garden. I appeared in their campaign just before they shut down (hope it wasn’t me!) and they gave me a truckload of bits and bobs. This is a set of five brushes in a leather brush roll. They are gorgeous! Sadly unavailable although now and then you get a few pieces coming up on the internet… xx

  2. Zen from Singapore

    Hi! Thanks for the review. They are very useful! TOo bad u didnt have the lipgloss. I am wondering hows the gloss.

    The palette u shown.. i dont like it because i am a hygience freak and i tend to not touch up with fingers without washing them. yet i dont like using lipbrush because i have issues with them turning mouldy because of the high humidity level in my country.

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