WIN L’Occitane Fleur Cherie Gift Set!

Check this out! (Sorry to sound like an excited pre-teen, but this is a jolly good prize!) A totally gorgeous gift set containing the most luxurious items from l’Occitane’s new Fleur Cherie range, it contains a full-sized Eau de Toilette, the beautiful Lip Jewel Palette, Radiance Powder Pearls for the face and a cute Fleur Cherie soap. All of these items add up to over £75 in value! I have one of these scrumptious sets to give away to a UK follower (sorry international peeps, it’s a postage thang!) who will be picked out randomly on the Fleur Cherie launch date, which is November 4th 2010. You can follow via Google Friend Connect, or you can be an email subscriber – this is for regular readers of A Model Recommends so if you only follow via Youtube, Twitter or Facebook, get yourself onto the homepage and get registering!

This is the lovely eau de toilette – I have been using a Fleur Cherie body lotion and the scent is absolutely divine. Gorgeous for daytime, it’s based on a classic orange blossom scent but is heavy enough to be a good, robust winter fragrance! The eau de toilette will cost £30 when bought separately.

The Jewel Lip Palette reminds me of a pocketwatch – it’s like a vintage trinket! The lip shades are ultra-sheer, very moisturising with a shot of shimmer. If you want to see me using l’Occitane’s cosmetics range then there’s a video here! The Lip Palette is worth £22.

The face pearls are perfect for rescuing pallid winter skin. One sweep gives an instant glow and really lights up the skin. There’s a subtle Fleur Cherie scent, too, which makes using the powder feel all the more luxurious! I’m in love with the cosmetics packaging for this range, cute little cardboard boxes that are so, so pretty. The pearls are worth £20.

Finally, there’s a soap – for what gift set would ever be complete without a soap, I ask you?

What an amazing prize! I’m actually very jealous. I adore l’Occitane and there is very little from the entire brand that I don’t like! So for your chance to win this gift set (worth £75!) all you need to do is leave a comment on this post with your email and the way in which you follow me; Google Friend Connect or Email Subscription. Cut-off is 23.59 on the 3rd November and the winner will be announced the following day! Remember this is UK only and you can only enter once each. Good luck!


  1. I follow you on Facebook, youtube and through google friend connect. Love your blogs.


  2. I’m a new follower and lover the products. Have just had a sachet of Fleur Cherie given with a Christmas Box of goodies I bought today and must have a bottle my next visit to the store. I have been using the shampoo for damaged hair for quite a while now and would recommend it. Although my hair is not damaged at all (no dyes or perms) the damaged hair shampoo has my hair in fab condition with a lovely shine (I have white hair). Bring on any new product. Your model is lovely but the products sell themselves.

    • Hi Patricia,
      I read your comment and just wanted to clarify something; A Model Recommends is my own personal website (me being Ruth Crilly) and I write all content, produce edit and appear in all of my own video. The model you see is, in fact me. Just confused because you write “your model is lovely but the products sell themselves”!

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  4. Hello! I just saw your review for the benefit concealer set – was really useful, so I subscribed there. Now following on Google friend connect :)

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  7. I follow you on twitter and go on your website religiously everyday- its the only thing that keeps me going at work- i have watched basically every video of your beauty recommends and love them ALL! and have already ordered products that you use in them- which is not good when i am meant to be saving up!hehe


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  28. Hiya! I’m one of your email subcription followers ! i would love love love to win this !

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    I just got the Fleur Cherie handcream yesterday that they are giving away with November’s InStyle magazine. I agree it has a lovely scent. Would love to try the other products.

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