October Beauty Round-Up

Yes, it’s the end of the month again, which means that you get to see another “Beauty Round-Up”! I’ve managed to actually publish my October video in October, which is quite an accomplishment for me, let me tell you. I hope that you like it – as you will see, I made a massive effort with my outfit. Content-wise, there are quite a few of the goodies in this video that I haven’t yet posted about, so it’s a nice little sneak preview for you all.

In the photo above, I can be seen staring in a confused manner at a tub of body balm. That’s just a little taster of the delights awaiting for you in this month’s movie masterpiece. All of the products appear on screen with their prices, so jotters at the ready! Next month’s Round-Up will include lots of Christmas Present ideas, so make sure you tune in for that one!

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Products included: Naked Orange Blossom Body Wash, Brenda Anvari Intensive Face Balm, Body America Body Butter, Natio Nail Polish, Avon Supershock Gel LIners, Avon Earthen Rose Powder, l’Occitane Facecolour Powder, Estee Lauder Extravagant Gold Eyeshadow Palette.


  1. oops, just watched the whole vid, anyone spot the unnecessary question there;)! x

  2. agree with the comments above! also, your eye makeup looks incredible in this video!! what did you use on your eyes?!/

  3. You know what I love about you… you’re so down to earth and so natural. I love how relaxed your vids are. You’re so easy to watch and so genuine. Considering you’re a model you dont feel you need to appear on camera in shit loads of make up, which I love. Love the comfy hoody!

    Jo. xxxx

  4. Do you ever get to use up all the products? Just curious cause I often get bored or even forget about products I have and I have a lot less than you!


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