Fleur Cherie by l'Occitane

If you are a l’Occitane fan you’ll have probably already heard about their new fragrance, Fleur Cherie. If you buy InStyle magazine, you’ll also know all about it, because this month’s has a free Fleur Cherie hand lotion! I have been using the body lotion, which is quite possibly the most fragranced body lotion I have ever used – it’s … Read More

Ruth CrillyFleur Cherie by l'Occitane

OPI Texas: Spring Summer 2011 Preview

Last week I popped to Texas Embassy for the launch of OPI’s SS2011 nail polish collection. Please note that it was Texas Embassy the bar/restaurant, not The Texan Embassy. Texas wouldn’t have an embassy, obviously, it being a state and not a country, but I just wanted to clarify that for y’all. (I’m going to say “y’all” quite a few … Read More

Ruth CrillyOPI Texas: Spring Summer 2011 Preview

Brenda Anvari – Wonder Jars

There are two jars on my desk; two very plain jars with simple labels bearing very simple descriptions of the contents – one is marked ‘Skin Serum’, the other ‘Intensive Face Balm’. These jars contain products that were, until now (BIG MOUTH ME!) one of Devon’s best-kept secrets. Don’t let the plain jar and basic labelling deceive you – the … Read More

Ruth CrillyBrenda Anvari – Wonder Jars

Model Kit: Glasgow, October 2010

Just a little peek into my makeup and toiletries bag for the Glasgow trip last week; a few new things that I’m trying – I will report back on them in due time – and a few old favourites. Below the video there’s an inventory of all products included in the video. I haven’t done one of these ‘what’s in … Read More

Ruth CrillyModel Kit: Glasgow, October 2010

TheO from Cloud Nine

If you follow me on Twitter (@modelrecommends) you will know that I took a trip to Glasgow earlier this week to do a two-day shoot for a clothing company. There’s a little summary of my trip coming up, including a bit of information about where I stayed and dined and shopped and so on, but for now I thought that … Read More

Ruth CrillyTheO from Cloud Nine

Davina Peace Body Care

Yesterday evening, feeling both physically and emotionally drained by what I suspect was a case of minor food poisoning (two glasses of champagne cured it in the end – it’s always the simple remedies) I made my way to Mayfair to take a little look at the new body care range by Davina Peace. It was bitterly cold outside, but … Read More

Ruth CrillyDavina Peace Body Care

Rimmel Lycra Pro – Beige Style

I popped round to my friend Dina’s at the weekend (Dina happens to be a top makeup artist as well as my friend!) – and she had just been to Superdrug on a massive nail polish mission. While she was making me a cup of peppermint tea, I rather cheekily nicked the Rimmel Lycra Pro and gave my nails two … Read More

Ruth CrillyRimmel Lycra Pro – Beige Style

Natio Wellness Hand Cream SPF15

After the roaring success of Natio’s Mineral Polish in ‘Brandy’ that I reviewed last week (possibly the nicest, poshest polish in the world!) I decided to try out a few of their other products. I have to admit that I had only very fleetingly heard of the brand before, and so, with no real prior knowledge, I set off for … Read More

Ruth CrillyNatio Wellness Hand Cream SPF15

NUDE Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum

There’s something of a ‘Serum Craze’ going on at the moment and very soon I am going to be offering you a little round-up of my favourites. But in the meantime, I wanted to tell you about the newest product by NUDE – the advanced cellular renewal serum. If you’re a Space NK regular, you’ll have seen NUDE already. You … Read More

Ruth CrillyNUDE Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum

Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style

Sorry, but how cool is this perfume bottle? I think that this would make a great gift, especially for girls (and ladies!) who are into their KAWAII! accessories and trinkets. The whole Tokyo Style Craze is one that seems to have endless appeal in the UK – you only have to look at “Hello Kitty” to see quite how powerful … Read More

Ruth CrillyHarajuku Lovers Wicked Style