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New CID Cosmetics i-Bronze

The full name of this product – and therefore the title of this post – really annoys me. There are too many ‘i’s, and then there’s the hyphen, and the ‘Cid’. It’s just not neat enough for my liking! Despite that, I like this product a lot. The different shades of bronze swirled into the baked powder create a shimmering, three-dimensional bronze that’s great for a sexy glow.

I’ve used quite a few things from New Cid Cosmetics now, and they have all been of fantastic quality – the i-Bronze is no exception. The compact is quite large and chunky, and isn’t the most elegant of creatures, but it has a large mirror and is what I suppose you would call ‘entirely functional’.

If you used a smallish brush, you could probably pick out the different shades and use the lighter ones to highlight and the darker to contour; but this isn’t really very practical, and I think that the bronzer works best when you sweep a large brush over the entire compact. Which is what I do in the video – so take a look and see if you like the results!

i-Bronze by New CID Cosmetics, £21.50 from ASOS


  1. It looks lovely but super dark!!I will bear this in mind next spring/summer because it looks amazing.

  2. Totally agree with this – I was sent it to try a whiloe back, didn’t expect it to ba as good as it is to be honest!

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