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Modelling Blast from the Past #6

I was trawling through some photos today and it occurred to me that I have quite a bizarre job. One day I can be standing on a quayside in Istanbul wearing a twenty thousand pound coat, the next I might be in a grungy back-street studio in Shoreditch wearing crazy art-student hats! These photos really made me laugh though – they were taken earlier this year when I was shooting in Munich. A man turned up with three ENORMOUS rabbits and they were hopping round the studio!

I used to have a giant rabbit – not quite as big as this one, but almost – and so I was having a whale of a time! Weirdly, the man from Munich was able to hypnotize the bunnies so that they played dead – it was hysterical, if slightly disturbing.

Quick note on rabbits: anyone with a sudden desire to go and buy a giant rabbit because of these pictures, please think carefully! My rabbit pretty much destroyed our whole house before we moved – even though she was litter trained, she just wreaked havoc wherever she went. Cute, but hard work. Be warned.


  1. i literally never knew rabbits could get that big i wasn’t entirely convinced they were real at first! Pretty amazing and you got to see some first hand hypnotism could he do it on humans?

  2. I can’t believe that’s a real rabbit….

  3. Really love your website and all your makeup reviews. I actually found this website by reading Grazia magazine.
    Kepp up the good work

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