Modelling Blast from the Past #6

I was trawling through some photos today and it occurred to me that I have quite a bizarre job. One day I can be standing on a quayside in Istanbul wearing a twenty thousand pound coat, the next I might be in a grungy back-street studio in Shoreditch wearing crazy art-student hats! These photos really made me laugh though – they were taken earlier this year when I was shooting in Munich. A man turned up with three ENORMOUS rabbits and they were hopping round the studio!

I used to have a giant rabbit – not quite as big as this one, but almost – and so I was having a whale of a time! Weirdly, the man from Munich was able to hypnotize the bunnies so that they played dead – it was hysterical, if slightly disturbing.

Quick note on rabbits: anyone with a sudden desire to go and buy a giant rabbit because of these pictures, please think carefully! My rabbit pretty much destroyed our whole house before we moved – even though she was litter trained, she just wreaked havoc wherever she went. Cute, but hard work. Be warned.


  1. i literally never knew rabbits could get that big i wasn’t entirely convinced they were real at first! Pretty amazing and you got to see some first hand hypnotism could he do it on humans?

  2. I can’t believe that’s a real rabbit….

  3. Really love your website and all your makeup reviews. I actually found this website by reading Grazia magazine.
    Kepp up the good work

  4. Aww, so cute! Great pics :)

  5. Love the pics! How did you manage to keep a straight face!

  6. goodness, those rabbits are GIGANTIC! i didn’t know some grew to be that big! and uh, hypnotizing them? weird… just weird.

  7. Weren’t u ever told by the industry to get your teeth corrected? I’m not trying to be offensive or anything, but it’s quite obvious that they’re not perfect, and the industry of beauty and fashion is a biatch.. lol, so I was simply wondering? :3

    I just got a lionhead bunny yesterday.. I used to have a ‘regular’ bunny (rather big, long ears, wild colors) and she was like a dog : D

  8. I recently saw two photos of you ( I think it was you): one in portobello, a black and white pic on a white tshirt and two in a greek magazine advertising a gorgeous purple swatch watch. But was it you?… Nothing beats the bunny pics!

  9. I’ve meet this man too! I can’t believe you got to hang out with him and his giant bunnies – those pictures of him hypnotising them are insane!

    They’re so heavy – did you get a dead arm?


  10. OMG I’m freaked out by two things – the size of that rabbit!!!! And the fact that the guy *hypnotised* the rabbits to make them play dead!

    When I first saw the photos, I thought you were going to say they were just fake rabbits, or that they were superimposed on. I love rabbits but if I saw that monster one hopping around in my house, I’d be petrified!

  11. LOL. I love the photos! The first photo has a random rabbit part by your feet. I’m imagining the two other rabbits were busy exploring the set.

    Did they use these photos in print? I can’t imagine what the theme/point is at all…

  12. oh no. Just No. Those rabbits freak me out. All a bit too Alice in Wonderland and things being the wrong size, rabbits are small vicious animals not something that’s size of an under exercised 5 year old, dear god. (quick disclaimer as don’t want to cause offence “sure they are lovely if you like that kind of thing!” am also freaked out by cats (furry and bone’y, shudder) and terrified of birds indoors, really really petrified of birds indoors actually)

  13. Wow, how cute! You have a brilliant job :)

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