Landmark Birthday

Hurrah, it’s my birthday!

Ever since starting off A Model Recommends I have been at constant war with myself over just how honest to be regarding personal matters. Predominantly matters concerning my real age. The fashion world is a fickle old business, especially for models – you are warned about your ‘shelf life’ and the fact that ‘the end’ is pretty much always nigh. So it didn’t make a huge amount of sense for me to publicly announce my real age all over the shop for everyone to see – I know that many of my clients and potential clients come and have a read every now and again to see what I’m up to! I also know that the age people often think that I am is much, much lower than my actual biological age – the year before last I did a job in Milan where the client strictly would not use a girl over the age of twenty-one, for example. No questions were asked.

I’m not telling you all this to boast about ‘how young I look’ or ‘what a great model I am’ but to demonstrate how ridiculous the whole ‘age’ issue is. Celebrities, models, actresses all have to habitually lie in order to stay ahead of the game, even though most look younger than their real age anyway! It’s amazing how you can be perceived so differently once someone is aware of your real age, especially if it’s much older than they initially thought – on the plus side, I think that you get treated with a little more respect, a little more grace; on the flip side, it may just lose you that catalogue job or editorial shoot.

Surely all that matters is the age that you look, when you’re being cast for a job? When I’m asked how old I am at a casting, I always feel like answering “how old do you want me to be?” because most of the time I just pluck an age out of the air and come right out with it!

Anyway, I’m not having a gripe at all – anything but, actually. I feel really quite lucky – and treasured, if that’s the right word! – to still be a good working model after almost ten years in the industry. Still booking nice jobs, still working with great photographers and still having a whale of a time! And I’m not the only one – you’d be very surprised to know the real ages of many familiar faces in the modelling world; girls who regularly front beauty campaigns and so on who look twenty but have three kids and a mortgage!

Two photos below; one taken almost ten years ago, and the second taken this year. I have to say that I am far, far happier and more comfortable with my appearance now than I ever was ten years ago and that the years in between have given me a confidence that makes me a far better model. Take that, ageists!

So Happy Birthday to Me – some (probably most!) of you will know how old I am today, (clue: kind of a landmark birthday) but for the rest of you who want to know, I ask you this:


Ruth CrillyLandmark Birthday

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  1. koalacat

    Hi Ruth,

    I’m sorry for being slightly late to the party with my wishes but happy birthday! You haven’t aged a day between those two photos (which leads me to trust your recommendations even more…please keep them coming)!!

    I also wanted to say thank you for such a great blog! There’s an overwhelming number of beauty products out there, and it’s so nice to have my options narrowed down to the ones with your stamp of approval (the ones that make the “Ruth List”!). I really appreciate your willingness to share your experience and tips (especially with things like body brushing, which I will now start doing religiously)!! Your blog postings and videos are my ‘treats’ during long days of studying, and I suspect I won’t manage to finish my thesis without your regular updates (no pressure or anything =P). It’s quite possible that you’ll move onto bigger projects in time but I do hope we get to share many more landmark birthdays with you!


  2. Georgie

    I think I actually prefer the more recent photo although you are looking gorgeous in both. Happy (belated) Birthday Ruth! I too generally am mistaken for a younger bird too I was 28 last week and actually had the girl serving me wine in tesco take my ID round to all her collegues cooing “oooh you don’t look 28″ quite embarrasing. Hope you had a lovely day xx

  3. Simone

    Happy birthday, Ruth, and many happy returns. I absolutely agree with you on this. I turned 33 on the 28th of November (yesterday for me); most people assume I’m about 10 years younger.

    I am really enjoying your work. Best wishes from Simone.

  4. Helen

    This was such a great post! I’m definitely no model so I suppose it doesn’t matter how old I look, but I’m constantly being asked how my GCSE’s are going. People are usually pretty surprised when I reply saying that I have actually just graduated from university ha. But Happy Birthday :) You still look just as stunning x

  5. Andrea

    Happy birthdyay Ruth! I think you look a lot better than you did 10 years ago. And you’ve made the age thing very obvious by saying landmark – but I think you look great for 50! (joke!) xxx

  6. Name

    Happy 60th ruth!! haha have a lovely day….
    You have done so well for yourself over these years, Im wanting to be a fashion model and i look up to you!

  7. moodeve

    Happy bday Ruth! It’s my birthday tomorrow – and I saw some pics of me when I was 19….wow, time has flown. You are you and I’m happy with that. Hope you had a good one : D

  8. Betsy

    Happy birthday Ruth! May you keep on looking fabulous and amazing.

    I thought that such a special occasion warranted me breaking from my lurker mode…I’ve been following your blog for a few weeks now and absolutely LOVING it.

    Also, I’ve always loved people who were born on Nov. 28th because it means that we share a birthday!

  9. dani@callitbeauty

    personally, i don’t see what the big deal about age is. i understand the beauty/fashion industry favours youth; but if you look youthful, even at 30, then what does it matter?

    anyhoo, wishing you a VERY happy birthday here’s to MANY more birthdays to come :)

  10. thumbalins

    Happy Birthday! Best wishes to you Ruth, may you always be creative, happy and balanced (and that youthful!!)!

  11. JC

    Happy Birthday to you! Obviously, your positive attitude and great personality (and awesome skincare) makes you a beautiful and youthful person inside and out. Have a great one! And we really appreciate the hard work you put into your blog(s) and videos. Congrats!

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