Mr & Mrs Smith Competition

To celebrate the launch of the seventh Mr & Mrs Smith Hotel Collection book which covers South-East Asia, I have FIVE to give away! The Smith books are beautiful, full of amazing photographs and well-written reviews. They make for compulsive reading for people like me who sit and daydream about holidays (I like to call this ‘Travel-Porn’), but are also invaluable if you are planning a luxurious trip to a far-flung destination.

I’m a little bit obsessed with Mr & Mrs Smith, so you’ll have to excuse my gushing here, but they do handpick the most delightful places to stay – I have been booking through them for years and have always been impressed. Their website is my first point-of-call whenever I’m booking a holiday or business trip and I have recommended them to people over and over again. They have an amazing membership card called BlackSmith – read all about it here if you haven’t already!

If you’re not yet in the luxury holiday mood then just immerse yourself for a moment in the photo below before reading on:

Ah. That’s better, isn’t it? I can just picture myself lying there with a cocktail, reading a paperback and basting myself with olive oil!  If you would like to win one of FIVE newly published South-East Asia books – which each include a SIX MONTH BLACKSMITH MEMBERSHIP! – then follow the simple instructions below!

1. The Prizes: There are five books to be won, each including a six month BlackSmith membership (think big discounts on luxury labels and beauty brands and amazing travel offers!)

2. Who can enter? A Model Recommends subscribers or Google Friend Connect followers – to subscribe by email, see the box in the sidebar or the ‘subscribe’ tab at the top of the page. GFC is in the sidebar. This competition is open to all followers wherever they are in the world!

3. How to enter: Leave me your email and the way in which you follow as a comment on this post. Please only post one comment per person.I won’t reply to comments as it messes up my list of names when it comes to drawing the random winners! (By the way, when you type in your email into the form ONLY I can see it – so don’t think that it has disappeared, it’s just to stop other people (spam!) getting hold of your email.)

4. This competition will close on Wednesday December 8th at noon (12pm) GMT. International entries please make sure you enter in good time!

5. Good luck! x x To have a browse on Mr & Mrs Smith, click here!

********WINNERS: Congratulations to Kerrie, Mel, Katerina, Liz and Fei – you should all have received an email from me, so send me your addresses!**********


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