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November Beauty Round-Up

Here I am with my monthly Round-Up – once again, just in the nick of time! It’s very annoying that by the time I get to the end of the month, I’ve totally forgotten about most of the interesting/amazing/unusual things that I’ve found in the first couple of weeks. Next month I am going to write things down as they occur to me and make my life easier!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little round-up – there are quite a few products that haven’t yet been recommended, so it’s a little bit like a sneak preview! For those of you who don’t subscribe to the YouTube channel, there will be even more products that you haven’t seen before – do please try and contain your excitement. The products that you have seen on here before are included for YouTube viewers who don’t stay up-to-date with the website. Phew!

Beneath the video there’s a list of products and prices; if you want to spoil your viewing experience, go ahead and look at it now. If you prefer a little suspense, watch the video first.

MyFace Foundation (Fair 3), £12.99 from Boots. LA-Tweez Tweezers, £15 from Boots. Jinnylash Conditioner, £25 from JINNYlash. Laboratoire Remède UV Coat (Shade 2) £30 from Blissworld. Soap & Glory Clear Here, £8 from Boots. ELF Shimmer Pencil, £1.50. 17 Starry Eyes Trio in ‘Neptune’, £4.99 from Boots. Aromatherapy Associates Perfect Partners Bath Oils, FREE with orders over £50 on their website (correct at time of publishing). Dr Lipp Nipple balm for Lips, £11 from Space NK. Cosmetics a la Carte Skin Veil (Vanilla), £30 from their website. No7 Lipstick in ‘Brigette’ – available 2011 from Boots.


  1. Ruth – I am absolutely dying for the new no 7 stuff to come out next year – the packaging is just lovely Massive improvement on the usual number 7 packaging (a little bit ‘old lady’ for my liking) The eyeshadow you are wearing in this video is lovely – really makes the colour in your eyes stand out, is it the 17 trio? Also, a little bit off topic… what is your skin tone? It’s difficult to tell in the videos. Enjoy New York, I have to console myself with a snow day

    • I know, I wish they’d change the packaging too!! Glad you like it! The eyeshadow is Myface Blingtone in Morocco, it’s coming up in another vid!
      My skin tone is fair-medium and yellow-toned. I prefer to call it ” light olive”, hahaha…

  2. I’m pink and sugary! Yay! Sorry to be silly, but I’ve never seen anything with the name Brigette that is spelled the way I spell it. So exciting!

  3. Speaking of plumping up eyelashes…

    I’ve had a tube of Philosophy Hope in Tube around for a while and use it on and off. I don’t know if I’m imagining it but I’ve been on it again for over 2 weeks (day and night) and I swear it is making my lashes appear longer and plumper! I put a big blob on each eye and pat it all around with my eyes closed. Now I feel like I can’t stop using it but I have so many other eye products to try!

  4. Thank you for sharing! I also liked the No7 Spring collection and now I want to try the Aromatherapy Associates Perfect Partners Bath Oils. As for the lip balms I just got myself a Strawberry Crush glossy lip balm by Rose&Co which is nice. x

  5. What is that amazing nail varnish you are wearing!?

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