lubatti anti-cellulite oil

Lubatti Anti-Cellulite Oil

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If you’re looking for a luxurious, indulgent post-bath treat in your anti-cellulite product, rather than a caffeine-packed clinical-esque gel formula, then look no further than Lubatti’s anti-cellulite oil. Over the past six months I have been testing out quite a lot of body ‘firmers’ and anti-cellulite products, and I like this one because it’s unusual. [...]


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I have been sleeping on a silk pillowcase since the summer. You may remember me getting my silk pillowcase and making an embarrassing film. If you can’t remember, then look here. I can honestly say that sleeping on a silk pillowcase has made a visible difference to my appearance in the morning. It keeps my [...]

Clever Little Tweaks at Trevor Sorbie

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A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to get an appointment with the colour-maestro Nathan Walker, Trevor Sorbie’s international technical director, to have a bit of a colour MOT. I have been very happy with my gloss colour and lack of highlights, but recently I have started to feel that my hair’s a [...]

Dr Organic

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I have only very recently stumbled across Dr Organic and his (his? her?) vast range of lovely products. As I tend to do when I discover something new, I have tried about a dozen products from across the range in the space of a few weeks and I have loved them all. Effective, natural, gentle [...]

Model Skincare Routine: Anti-Blemish Discoveries

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Some new anti-blemish discoveries for you this week. I say ‘new’, but I’ve actually been testing out all of these products for well over a month. I would rather give you thorough, well-informed recommendations that I have tested out myself than just present you with a regurgitated press release! So sorry about that – it [...]

Avon Luxe Lace

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After I found eyeliner-love with the Supershock Gel liner from Avon a few weeks ago, I decided to give a few other products a go and make a little video to show the results. Clear favourites from this video are: Supershock liner (obviously – I must have mentioned this liner about fifty times since I first [...]


Aveda Scalp Benefits

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I’m clearing out the bathroom at the moment, ready for its demolition. Everything is going – walls, tiles, floor, bath, toilet, sink, radiator – and being replaced with a spanking new Villeroy & Boch dream room. I literally cannot wait – I may have to find a way of writing from the bath, seeing as [...]

John Masters Organics Herbal Cider

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No, you ‘orrible lot; not drinking cider! I know how all of your minds work – completely alcohol obsessed. (Or am I thinking about myself here?) The cider in question is actually a hair clarifier and colour sealer from John Masters Organics, a brand that has been producing organic hair and beauty products for over [...]