The Christmas Gift Guide: Volume 7

Ah, the final part of The Christmas Gift Guide. I do hope you’ve enjoyed them – I’ve certainly enjoyed making them! This last installment deals with last minute shopping in Boots. Everyone who’s still shopping on Christmas Eve finds themselves in Boots (don’t they?!) and so I’ve picked out a few things that I think are both lovely and well-priced. Remember that there’s always the 3-for-2 deal running (when is it ever not running?) which makes it an ideal place to run to if you’re getting short of funds.

If you’ve finished all of your shopping, you can just sit back, relax and feel smug. Note down the bits and pieces that you like, and grab them online in the sales after Christmas!

Shopping List: Soap & Glory Lock Stock and Bubble, £18,  Mini Series, £10, and Glam Packed, £20. No7 Party Purse, £16. Botanics Skin Smoothing Set, £8. Elle Macpherson Classic Gift Bag, £8. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm Tin, £9.99 and Radiance Kit, £15.99. Naked Orange Blossom Body Wash, £3.91. All at Boots.


  1. Actually, the main festive Christmas “event” (Christmas Mass, dinner, family, presents, etc.) in Germany is on Christmas Eve (doesn’t the Queen celebrate on the 24th as well?) – so no last minute Christmas Eve panic-shopping here ;).

    Have a wonderful and Happy Christmas.

  2. Love the blog Ruth, only discovered it a few weeks ago but am completely addicted. Have a great Christmas!!!

  3. Marina(Makeup4all)

    Oh, no.I am going to miss this kind of videos. I hope you will continue doing something like this in the future. Just some products that you like from the random brands. Merry Christams x

  4. I really have to say this – THANK YOUUUUUUU (hugs hugs hugs)
    for your utmost diligence on blogging almost constantly,in spite of your hectic schedule! I can almost always depend on you for my daily dose of beauty updates, as I sit back and enjoy my cup of tea! :D Whee!

    – and do have a great rest and Merry Christmas!! :D

  5. Have a lovely Christmas Ruth! Just wanted to say I have enjoyed your Cristmas gift guide a lot and I whole heartedly agree that buying for men is rubbish! x

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