Just so you know…

slaving away

So dedicated am I to bringing you daily tips, tricks and…stuff…that I am slaving away through the Christmas holiday to ensure you get your fix. So make sure you keep on tuning in – there will be at least one post a day, as always, and  something very special and/or drunken tomorrow, Christmas Day. Definitely don’t miss that!

Have a ridiculously splendid Christmas, you lovely lot – I hope that lunches run smoothly, families stay friendly and Great Aunt Beatrice doesn’t throw up on the new carpet! Until tomorrow then.



  1. Merry Christmas and thank you :)

  2. Happy Christmas too! Keep up the fab blogging :) x

  3. Have a wonderful christmas! xx

  4. Thank you, and Merry Christmas to you too. Thank you for sharing so much and making my day when I see you in my “inbox”!!

    Love and Hugs
    from DownUnder where it’s already Christmas Day!!!

  5. You have a fab Christmas too Ruth x

  6. Oh and I was just wondering if you can do a video on the types of makeup brushes you use..?

  7. I totally appreciate it!!! :D
    Merry Christmas dearie!

  8. Hope you have a really fantastic Christmas!! Your blog is the BOMB diggidy. (???) lol. I shall most def be tuning in everyday! xx

  9. marry christmas! Im already making room in my system for wine, A Lot of it xxx

  10. Thank you for your lovely blog.

    I wish you and your family very merry Christmay.


  11. merry christmas hahaha!

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