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Just so you know…

slaving away

So dedicated am I to bringing you daily tips, tricks and…stuff…that I am slaving away through the Christmas holiday to ensure you get your fix. So make sure you keep on tuning in – there will be at least one post a day, as always, and  something very special and/or drunken tomorrow, Christmas Day. Definitely don’t miss that!

Have a ridiculously splendid Christmas, you lovely lot – I hope that lunches run smoothly, families stay friendly and Great Aunt Beatrice doesn’t throw up on the new carpet! Until tomorrow then.



  1. merry christmas hahaha!

  2. Thank you for your lovely blog.

    I wish you and your family very merry Christmay.


  3. marry christmas! Im already making room in my system for wine, A Lot of it xxx

  4. Hope you have a really fantastic Christmas!! Your blog is the BOMB diggidy. (???) lol. I shall most def be tuning in everyday! xx

  5. I totally appreciate it!!! :D
    Merry Christmas dearie!

  6. Oh and I was just wondering if you can do a video on the types of makeup brushes you use..?

  7. You have a fab Christmas too Ruth x

  8. Thank you, and Merry Christmas to you too. Thank you for sharing so much and making my day when I see you in my “inbox”!!

    Love and Hugs
    from DownUnder where it’s already Christmas Day!!!

  9. Have a wonderful christmas! xx

  10. Happy Christmas too! Keep up the fab blogging :) x

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