The (Beauty) Queen's Speech.

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Merry Christmas Everyone! I sincerely hope that you’re having a fantastic day – it’s quite possible that nobody will be around to watch this little message, but I hope that a few of you will catch it when you have some down-time. It’s a little token of my appreciation of you all, although a rather [...]

Uh-Oh – Last Minute Christmas Shopping?

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Have you still got presents to buy? Yes? Oh dear. Oh deary, deary me. You’re in deep doo-doo aren’t you? Better get yourself off to Boots and grab some 3-for-2 offers! That’s where I find myself every single Christmas Eve, without fail. Not this year, I hasten to add, because I have been ultra-organised and have [...]

Just so you know…

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So dedicated am I to bringing you daily tips, tricks and…stuff…that I am slaving away through the Christmas holiday to ensure you get your fix. So make sure you keep on tuning in – there will be at least one post a day, as always, and  something very special and/or drunken tomorrow, Christmas Day. Definitely [...]

Last Minute Luxe from Molton Brown

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What is it about Molton Brown? People bloody love it, don’t they? My Mum loves it – you could line up the most ridiculously opulent and expensive face creams along a table, pile it high with handmade soaps from Morocco and body oils from Provence and she would still reach for the Molton Brown. Anyway, [...]

The Christmas Gift Guide: Volume 7

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Ah, the final part of The Christmas Gift Guide. I do hope you’ve enjoyed them – I’ve certainly enjoyed making them! This last installment deals with last minute shopping in Boots. Everyone who’s still shopping on Christmas Eve finds themselves in Boots (don’t they?!) and so I’ve picked out a few things that I think [...]

Low-Key Festive Makeup

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By the time you’re on your third hangover in a row, the motivation to apply a full face of glitter kind of disappears. So from yesterday’s cheap bling, we go to a more sophisticated look. I’m not talking about evening makeup here, by the way. I’m talking about the kind of daytime makeup that we [...]

The Christmas Gift Guide: Volume 6

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The penultimate Gift Guide, Volume 6, takes a look at some of the festive cosmetics available this Christmas. Some items are limited edition, some are available all year round, but all of them (for me at least!) have something about them that makes them ideal for giving as a gift. If the product doesn’t come [...]

Forest Secrets iRejuvenate

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What a clever, clever idea this is; a fully customizable moisturising and rejuvenating system that can be adapted to suit any skin type and any situation. Oily T-Zone and dry cheeks? Frazzled, sun-dried skin? Chapped, winter-bashed face? You can use iRejuvenate in all of these cases, and also as an intensive oil, a cool, light [...]