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Clarisonic Mia – on its way to the UK!

Recommendation of the week: if you’re thinking about buying a Clarisonic, then I’d hold your horses and go for the new ‘Mia’ version that will be available from March 11th in Space NK. It’s utterly genius – smaller and lighter and it has a clever ‘magnetic’ charger rather than an annoying cradle. It’s also quite a bit cheaper than the original version. It works in exactly the same way and the brush head is the same size – to me, it’s a win-win situation!

If you’re not familiar with the Clarisonic, you can read my review on the original one HERE. I have had rather a long break from mine because of the epic that has been my bathroom transformation, but I can’t wait to get going again – it really does perform a spectacular deep-down cleanse! I’d like to add a couple of points to my previous review if I may; firstly that there is a more sensitive brush head than the ‘sensitive’ brush head – odd, I know. It’s called the ‘delicate’. I’d recommend this one if your skin is sensitive, and if your skin is normal I’d use the sensitive head, which is the one that comes with the Mia as standard. Secondly, I would use a cream cleanser rather than a foaming cleanser – I mentioned the Alpha-H Balancing cleanser in the original review, but I could also highly recommend the NuBo Cell Dynamic Velvet Cleanser (£28) which doesn’t dry out the skin whatsoever. You probably have your own favourite, I’m sure!

Everybody seems to have their own – very different – opinions on the Clarisonic; how often they like to use it, what cleanser they like to use with it, whether or not it makes their skin feel tighter or softer, but the overall result, from what I can see, seems to be that it gets a massive thumbs-up. Last Thursday I went to meet the inventor of the Clarisonic, Dr Robb Akridge, to get the lowdown on the new Mia. I have it all on video, if you’re interested – you can watch that below! The Clarisonic Mia will only be available at Space NK and it will cost £120 – the original version costs £155. I would definitely recommend waiting until the 11th March and going for the ‘baby sister’!


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  1. Would you say the Alpha H balancing cleanser would be suitable for sensitive skin? (that is also oily) xo

  2. Hi Ruth, thanks for all the information. I shall be holding off until March – well my boyfriend will as this shall be my birthday present from him! I am a cleanse and polish girl, have you used your clarisonic with Liz Earle’s cleanser, if so were the results still good? x

    • I suppose you could use the C&P, but it would be sacrilegious would it not?! To use the hallowed C&P without muslin cloth?! I’d say it’s a little too thick to use, personally – it would all end up in the brush and not on your face, surely? I’ll give it a try though, in the name of research! xx

  3. Thank you!!! :))

  4. Yes, dare I say I was suggesting to use the hallowed C&P without a muslin! hahaha! I would be very grateful if you would test it, thank you very much xx

  5. Thanks so much for this, I was planning on getting one anyway but it’s nice to see it ‘in action’, love the magnetic charger! Thanks for confirming the price and release date, I can’t wait to get one.

  6. Will this be available on the spacenk website? as i dont have a spacenk near me :(

  7. Ruth I forgot to ask! Is the Alpha H balancing cleanser one you would use everyday? Or is it just a few times a week product?

  8. Ruth thanks for this, may I ask you how you clean this kind of brush? I am affraid that all the dirt actually stays on the brush. This is the main reason why I still din´t buy clarisonic.
    Oh and I wanted to ask you : since I read you have a kindle; will you do a review about it?

  9. Thank you, would love to see the Kindle review, I am deciding if I should buy it or not and which one, I would need it especially for my law books.

    Have a lovely day!

  10. Hi Ruth,

    Great review, thanks so much for all the deadly info! My skin is normally something that wrecks my confidence. At the moment its doing ok…thanks to liz earle C&P no doubt, but i’m really liking the sound of the Clarisonic! now I just have to wait until march

    Thanks again

  11. Hi Ruth! How often do you use your Clarisonic? Thanks so much!

  12. Thanks so much!! xo

  13. Has you tried Nutrasonic? It has faster speed than the Clarisonic and half the price! I havent tried it yet but would like some feedback from someone who has used both. I used the Clarisonic for a month but my sister pinched it as a Xmas present. So now, broke and looking for cheaper alternatives!

  14. i have the older version and after using it for a week and more i saw no improvements, it made my skin even drier if anything (i have sensitive skin).. i occasionaly use the body brush now when im showering but cant praize that either. maybe it just takes time to get the best results

    • @tina no, I think it’s probably just not going to work on everyone. Nothing suits every single person no matter how much they try to convince us! This makes my skin slightly tight – I think if you have sensitive skin then you need to go for the ‘very’ sensitive head but that’s extra. : (

  15. Hi Ruth,
    Im looking at buying the clarisonic Mia but i was wondering i was on roaccutane (acne medication)Iwas wondering if its to abrasive for my skin now?! Thanks x

    • @Shantelle is the medication drying your skin out? If it feels dry or tight then I’d be tempted to give the Mia a miss! x

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