Avon Moisture Seduction

Avon’s new Moisture Seduction lipsticks launch today and they are quite unusual; lipcolours with ribbons of moisturising balm swirled through them. I have been trying mine out since way back in November, just as the weather was starting to turn very cold, and they really are nice and moisturising. What makes them different to the usual ‘balm-lipstick’ hybrid is that they’re not at all sheer – the colours are bold and vibrant and can be built up to very striking effect. If you have a look at my Flu Face video,  you’ll see that (apart from me having crazy woman hair) I’m wearing a rather daring pink on my lips. That’s Moisture Seduction, and so is the lipstick that I’m wearing today, which obviously you can’t see. My favourite shade is ‘Nude Perfection’ and if I’m entirely honest with myself, that’s probably the only shade that I would wear on a regular basis, being the safe and boring lipstick wearer that I am!

Avon’s Moisture Seduction Lipsticks are £8.50 each from Avon.


  1. Just ordered Earthen Rose blush and Nude Perfection! Really good specials online at Avon US right now.

  2. Where do I buy Avon products?

    Love your blog!

  3. This lipstick looks striking, glad that it debuts here in Canada very soon!

  4. This lipstick looks wonderful! You should post some swatches of the color as well :)

  5. don’t know why lipsticks make me think of this but I would love to see a favorite perfume/fragrance video….I like subtle etc and would like to be brave and step outside the box but no idea where to start.
    Please help :) I think your liking of low key make up/hair etc made me think of it lol. xo

  6. It’s nice to see a lippie that moisturises AND provides good coverage :)

  7. Hmmm, you raise an interesting point for me here Ruth, I like the idea of lipsticks, the sort of click and smooth of application, feels grownup and sophis, but in reality I want a lipstick to barely taint my lips with any sort of pigment, to sort of hover over my lips and just make them look a bit better. But I don’t want a chapstick or a lipgloss, in my dreams I want to wear a show stopping schiapp pink or vermillion red and little else (makeupwise not clothes wise, blimey don’t want to frighten the horses or anyone else for that matter!) because when I used to wear those colours some *cough* yrs ago I felt phenomenal. Sorry going off on one again, but thanks for evoking the memories. Jan x

  8. Yum, looks like ripple ice cream, but no cals yay!

  9. Could you please post some pics of the lipstick you’re wearing in the video, but in diferrent lighting, so tha I can get a clear idea of what it looks like? :)

  10. I love the pink you wear in the video, and your hair looks gorgeous! xoxo

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