Tisserand Survival Kit

tisserand survival kitNote of warning to those who take product names literally: this Survival Kit will not help you in a Bear Grylls-typed situation (lost in the jungle, being chased by venomous snakes, with nothing but a crew of fifty, an off-road vehicle and a Hilton hotel to save you from the jaws of death) and neither will it help you should you find yourself in a packing quandry. Under no circumstances must you pack this Survival Kit in place of your maps, compass, Swiss Army knife, walking boots and water purifying tablets. It will not save you.

What it will do, however, is make your wrists smell all nice and energising/relaxing/sleep-inducing. The Tisserand Survival Kit is a set of three ‘rescue’ roll-on aromatherapy blends, each designed to help you in a particular time of need. The ‘Energise’ is zingy and orangey and helps to wake you up and make you feel uplifted, whilst ‘Sleep’ helps you to..er..sleep. If it doesn’t send you drifting off into dreamland, then it will at least have a calming effect – and if you’re stuck on an iceberg trying to placate an angry Polar Bear, then you could put this element of your Survival Kit to good use.

If I had to pick one remedy that I could survive without, it would be the De-Stress, and that’s because the dominant fragrance seems to be Patchouli. Or ‘the devil’s cologne’. I’d rather skip the De-Stress and go straight to Sleep, if it’s all the same to you. So I’m on a two-remedy cycle at present – Energise and Sleep. That’s all I do these days, it’s great!

You may, of course, think that all of this aromatherapy malarkey is a load of tosh and prefer to take Pro Plus in the morning followed by a Valium at bedtime – don’t let me stop you! If you’re looking for a helping hand that’s 100% natural, though, without synthetic fragrances or parabens – something that just subtly affects your mood, then you might like to give these a try. There’s a De-Stress going spare..

Tisserand Aromatherapy Survival Kit, £11.25 from Tisserand.com.


  1. honest to get essential oil! Its massages are known to soothe and heal the skin. It nourishes and hydrates dull, dry skin. It also improves the condition of oily skin. This promotes hair growth and improves the condition of the hair.

  2. I probably need the “de-stress” one right this moment.

  3. These seem like they’d be great for travel!

  4. Sounds just lovely…

  5. HI ruth! I’m a massive fan of these and the Neals Yards ones too! They are about the same price, or least not much over a fiver and the blends are just beautiful! I can’t go to sleep without mine now!! very lovely products though, both ranges, I love a bit of aromatherapy in my products. xx

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