Monthly Archives: January 2011

Flu Face

Let’s talk illness. Because ‘flu’ is such an overused word, isn’t it? Everyone says that they have flu over the Christmas break, but I reckon that only about one tenth of those people actually have proper flu. There’s a modern ... Read More »

retaW: Neneh (Cherry)

Slightly off-the-wall discovery of the week; Tokyo-based fragrance brand, “retaW”. Cool packaging, interesting fragrance concepts and tongue-in-cheek names such as ‘Clooney’ and ‘Neneh’. ‘Neneh’ is a Cherry-based scent. Neneh Cherry. Geddit? ‘Neneh’ (the fragrance, not the woman) is extremely sweet ... Read More »

Boots Treat Street

If you follow me on Twitter (@modelrecommends) then you’ll have seen me get extremely excited last night over something called “Boots Treat Street”. I went on about it for quite a while, and probably bored some of you to death, ... Read More »

Lazy Day

I’m having a lazy day on A Model Recommends today, because yesterday I inadvertently posted three things instead of the one that I was planning to. So yesterday, you lucky lot got yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s. Today’s post is now ... Read More »

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