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Rouge Coco Shine

Rouge Coco Shine

I have been testing out the new Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks and all I can say is adorable. That can be said in a French or English accent; I don’t mind. These lipsticks are simply gorgeous – the word that keeps springing to mind is luscious. Glossy, moisturising and sheeny, they have more colour to them than you’d expect from the balmy texture and they apply like an absolute dream.

I’m still in Hamburg, as you’ll see from the video, and I forgot to pack a lip balm. I have been using the Coco Shines instead and they have done a stirling job. Possibly the first time I have worn lipstick to bed, but still….it’s Chanel lipstick, so that’s fine.

I have made a little video showing the shades that I have here with me, but the lighting in my room is appalling, so I’ll do a proper video when I get home to the safety of my office. In the meantime, check out the shine on these babies:

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine, £22.50, available nationwide from March 11th 2011. Shades shown are “Boy”, “Royallieu” and “Rivage”.


  1. they look really good! I love transparent glossy lipstick, could you compare it with new dior addict lipsticks?

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