Bathroom De-Cluttered!

cluttered bathroomThis photograph really made me laugh when I stumbled upon it earlier today – look at all the products I had shoved beside the bath! That was just the products I was testing out for review that week! It feels like so long ago now.

I’m pleased to say that the new bathroom is pretty much finished, I just need the window blind to arrive and be fitted and then I’ll give you all a guided tour. As a little sneak preview, though, have a look at the photo below. Slight difference! I very much doubt that I’ll be permitted to clutter up the new bathroom in the same way that I did the old one, but fortunately I have a huge sink cabinet to store things in. Now I just have to decide which products will cut the mustard and make it into the hallowed Drawers of Desire.

(Dear God! Drawers of Desire? That sounds like a dodgy erotic literature book title!)

ruth crilly house bathroom designer

Ruth CrillyBathroom De-Cluttered!

27 Comments on “Bathroom De-Cluttered!”

  1. lisa

    wow the new bathroom looks amazing!!! is the interior of the rest of your house this same kind of style?!? x

  2. Rachel

    Did you really cook him breakfast? I remember reading that tweet and thinking if it was some kind of inside joke…

  3. Sarah

    Seriously admiring your bathroom Ruth! Also can’t wait for the tour! Such lovely dramatic lighting too.

  4. Lilllisal

    Ha, drawers of desire, love it. My BF is looking at me sideways right now, something odd about laughing out loud while on the laptop apparently.

  5. Memabige

    very nice, I can see Moroccan shampoo and conditioner there how did you found that? do you like it? xx

  6. Eve

    New bathroom seems amazing! Can’t wait to see it fully done up! Better yet if we get to see a tour of the whole house ;)

  7. angel

    What a gorgeous bathtub! Well, I agree, no clutter should be allowed around it. Only some pretty, stylish containers with a bath oil for example… Can’t wait for the bathroom tour video!

  8. SummerBabe

    Your bath is just great! I am sure you will feel so relaxed in it! Have fun and I am really looking forward to seeing your whole bathroom!

  9. Debbie

    It looks beautiful, horrible when all the work is being done but so worth it when its finished, you’ll be able to use your entire home for photo shoots requiring uber cool interiors!

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