(CLOSED) The Big Humongous Boots Competition(s)!

boots spring collections

**UPDATE: Congratulations to Karen Ferguson, winner of the Boots Humongous Competition! Emailing you now!**

Hurrah! I have not one, but TWO gigantic giveaways for you! To celebrate the arrival of Spring (please hurry up) Boots are running a massive 3-for-2 event on skin, hand and body care until the 23rd March! That’s a whole month (isn’t it?) to do a bit of a spring-clean on your beauty products and save a considerable amount of money!

Even better news…

My Giveaway:

I HAVE A SIX MONTH SUPPLY OF BOOTS SKINCARE PRODUCTS TO GIVE TO ONE LUCKY FOLLOWER OF A MODEL RECOMMENDS! Sorry to shout, but this is major. The winner can pick 10 Boots skincare products (er…No7 anybody?!) and they will get six of each! That’s worth about £1000!

All you have to do, my little peaches, is to leave a comment on this post telling me which your favourite Boots skincare product is (as well as the way in which you follow this site, Google Connect or Email). The product could be from No7, from Botanics, from the Natural Collection, Boots Expert, Time Delay… if you need a bit of inspiration then have a good old browse HERE. Remember that you need to be a follower to enter giveaways on A Model Recommends (otherwise it’s not fair on the regular readers) and you can follow by email (click subscribe at the top of the page) or by Google Friend Connect (button is in the sidebar).

I look forward to hearing what your favourite products are – I myself am going to muse over my decision and will let you know over the next couple of weeks what my top picks are. Just to give you a little guidance in case you happen to be the lucky winner!

The Boots Competition:

Boots are running a competition on their Facebook page to win A YEAR’S SUPPLY of skincare! You just need to “like” their Facebook Page and – again – let them know what your favourite skincare product is. It’s that easy!

RECAP: There are two competitions; the A Model Recommends one is for a six month supply and you need to comment on this post, telling me your favourite Boots skincare product and the way in which you follow this site. The Boots one is on Facebook and you need to “Like” the page and tell them about your favourite product.

Inspiration HERE!

UK only for this, I’m afraid (sorry international people, there’s a nice giveaway coming up for you) and all entries must be in by 12 noon on the 23rd of March. A random winner will be picked on that day!


Ruth Crilly(CLOSED) The Big Humongous Boots Competition(s)!

357 Comments on “(CLOSED) The Big Humongous Boots Competition(s)!”

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  2. Dejeniera Pygott

    Hi I follow with Google Connect. I love the Boots No. 7 Night Cream. Repairs my dry skin like a treat.


  3. Sofi

    Hi there, I love the intense serum in the protect and perfect line. I think it makes my skin look firmer and warmer; it also means I can wear lighter make up……if I choose to (unlikely…)

    I follow on twitter, youtube and igoogle.

  4. Jane

    Favourite Boots skincare: No7 Lift & Luminate Eye Cream – it does wonders in the morning
    Following with my email

  5. stephanie walsh

    This is fab….I just love No 7 hot cloth cleanser…leave me feeling super.
    I follow through email.

  6. Louise Hall

    My favourite Boots product is Protect & Perfect Intense cream. It makes my skin so soft and illuminous. I haven’t found another cream that beats this.

    I follow by email, x


    My Favourite No 7 product is the Quick Thinking 4 in one wipes.
    A great essential and a handy travel product.

    I follow you by email
    Thanks for a great competition!

    Good Luck Everyone

  8. Kellie

    I love the Protect and Perfect Hand Cream, especially in the winter as I am nightmare for forgetting my gloves. I follow on google connect ♥

  9. Beth W

    Following by email

    My favourite product is No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum. I am almost 38 years old and don’t have a single wrinkle on my face or around my eyes and I put this down to using Protect and Perfect religiously for the last few years. I particularly love this serum as it feels very rich and silky.

  10. Kim Alexander

    I love everything I’ve tried from the Botanics range; however my favourite has to be the Soothing Eye Make Up Remover. It gets rid of every scrap of makeup without ever irritating my extremely sensitive skin or eyes, and at just over £3 a bottle it does so considerably cheaper than many other higher end brands I’ve tried.

    I follow by email :)

  11. Sarah Lycett

    My favourite is the Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser. I have psoriasis and have had such trouble finding skin care products that not only didn’t irritate my skin, but also helped minimise the visibility of my psoriasis, then I stumbled upon the Simple range, and my god does it work!

    Following on GFC, thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  12. Louise Cannon

    Mine is No 7 tinted moisturiser!! There are two different colours, perfect for the summer and winter!! Its not too heavy and looks good without any other products!! Email

  13. Caroline OKeeffe

    I follow you via email. My favourite item is the No7 Quick thinking wipes. They are a lifesaver when I get home from a 14 hour shift, so quick and easy.

  14. Laura R

    I am following via google friend connect – My most dred product is No7 Luminating Radiance Beauty Serum, which is just so luxurious and indulgent and leaves my skin looking wonderful!

  15. Daniella Abraham

    I am an e-mail follower and my favourite boots product is the Boots skin therapy emolliant cream, I have suffered from ezcema on and off from being a child to now and it keeps my skin calm, refreshed and soothed. I use it on my face and body and I swear by it! I would recommend anyone who suffers from dry / sensitive skin to try it out, I have spent so much money looking for a cream that works and this one does!

  16. Kath Murray

    My favourite skincare product from the Boots range is the No7 hot cloth cleanser and I follow by google

  17. Jessica

    I’ve recently started using No 7 Brightening Day cream and it’s really great at evening out my skin tone – definitely becoming a firm favourite.

    I’m following be email.

  18. FlightsOfFancy

    What an amazing competition!

    My favourite Boots product is their Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Foaming Face Wash; I have been using it religiously since I discovered it about five years ago as it is the only thing that keeps my oily skin under control and relatively spot free!

    It’s a bargain at about £3.50 too, and works better than some of the more expensive cleansers that I’ve tried in the past.

    I’m following you via Google Friend Connect.


  19. Hilary Pearce

    My favourite product is No7 Perfect and Protect Beauty Serum. This is the only product I’ve ever used that has genuinely improved my skin.

    I’m subscribed via email.


    I use the hot cloth cleanser and its very good – I just wish it would smell a bit nicer.
    I’m subscribed by e mail.

  21. Arabella

    3 for 2 helps but oodles for free!! I cannot pick one as my skin is constantly changing, THE change, and it needs moisturising all the time. At the moment I think the No.7 Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum is the icing on the cake.

    Following on email, I’ve no idea what happens if I follow on Google Friend so best keep it simple!

  22. Ellie Wrinkle Crinkle

    I swear by No.7′s Protect & Perfect Intense Day Cream, my face needs all the help it can get and I think this is the best results I’ve ever had and I’ve tried all sorts!!

    I use half as much foundation as it just glides on after the cream has soaked in and looks so much better and more natural, you dont need to slap the cream on, just a little gently worked in with your fingertips will make your face look better when the sun shines on it! GFC

  23. Cheryl

    For me it has to be Boots protect and perfect intense serum. I tried a different serum and I could feel the difference in my skin. Now I’m scared to give it up! I follow you by email.

  24. Cassandra

    I have already entered this but I cant seem to find my entry and thank you for your email I realised that I hadn’t put how I am following you! Which is by email, google connect and facebook.

    Well my favourite Boots product to No7 protect and perfect day cream, it smells lovely and it doesn’t leave my skin looking greasy like some other creams. Plus I love the award winning SFP, we all need to look after our skin!

  25. Name

    My fav boots product is Boots Coconut Leave-In Conditioner. It leaves my hair so shiny and it smells gorgeous!

    Following via Google Friend Connect. :)

  26. Hazel Rush

    I follow via email subscribe my favourite is boots no.7 essential moisture day cream! It’s lush!

  27. Nicola Hartley


    My favourite is Boots No7/ Perfect and Protect serum because it makes my skin incredibly soft and smooth!!

    Please enter me into your fabulous competition. I follow online and by email x Thankyou x

  28. Jo Nicholson

    Follow on google connect and my fave product has to be the hot cloth cleanser from No7 – love it!

  29. fari

    I forgot to say I like the whole botanics range!!! Woops I’m making a total mess of things here :s x EMAIL

  30. fari

    This is my second post because I dont know if the first one was valid or not even though I chose to follow you via twitter through GFC so I’m on the followers list on GFC! Anyway I am now following via email! Count me in for this comp please!! Great giveaway!! xx

  31. Sarah

    I love Boots Traditional range Moisturiser as it rehydrates the skin all day and is very rich.

    I follow by email

  32. soula

    My favourite product is Boots foot refreshing spray. It really works and is excellent when I’ve been on my feet all day (or night ;-) )

    I follow online and by email.

  33. Natalie

    I follow by Email/facebook.

    My favourite item ever has to be the hot cloth cleanser – it dissolves my make up into oblivion. I swapped from Dermalogica and have never looked back.

    I also like wish upon a jar from Soap and Glory (notice a trend emerging here?). This actually got me compliments on my skin with people asking what had I had done? Fantastic product – my skin loved it – as did I!

  34. Charlie

    Obviously the best product for all Boots no.7 Protect and Perfect Beauty Serum. Who doesn’t?
    Following via e-mail
    Thank you

  35. Jo Boyd

    I love the Natural Collection Witch Hazel and Rosemary Facial Wash. Witch Hazel is so good for refreshing, tightening, tackling blemishes – everything in one, with a lovely scent of rosemary. Wakes me up and leaves me and my skin ready to face the day ahead! Email Follower

  36. Miss Natalie Wallace

    My favorite skincare product is No7 Protect and Perfect Day Cream and I am following with google connect and subscribed to email.

  37. Louise

    I’m a follower via Google Friend Connect.
    My favourite Boots product is the Botanics Pore Perfecting Deep Clean Mousse for Blemish Prone Skin.
    Thank you for this amazing giveaway!

  38. fairmaidofperth

    Boots Organic Rosewater, perfect for my sensitive skin. I’ve been using Boots rosewater since the early 197Os, my glowing, line free skin is proof that Boots products are simply the best! Email

  39. Babs Hobbs

    My favourite product is Boots foot refreshing spray. It really works and is excellent when I’ve been on my feet all day (or night ;-) )

    I follow online and by email.

  40. Geisharock

    Hello from a regular reader who is currently reading all the way from china! SOO excited to find that I can get on your website haha.

    I follow via google friends connect. My fave boots range is definitely No7 – i’m always stealing a dab of my mums lotions and potions :) If i had to pick one, i would say their heavenly hydration moisture mask – i use it as a night time moisturiser or even during the day on dry patches and it smells great, looks really fun (like it should be strawberries and cream flavoured) and works a treat.


  41. Susie

    My favourite Boots product is Botanics Instant Glow Tinted Moisturiser, as i hate the way my skins looks with foundation on it – a light glowing alternative for wintry skin.

    I follow by email.

  42. Naomi

    I follow you on FB ( as jellie bellie) and google friends.
    My favourite product is No 7 silky leg oil- it is absolutely fantastic stuff! Fab giveaway, thank you x

  43. Jenifer Turnbull

    Great giveaway. My favourite product would be the Botanics Organic Nourishing Body Oil, I think its amazing although I love all the Botanics range.
    I have subscribed by e-mail.

  44. rosie

    My favourite Boots product – No7 protect and perfect beauty serum
    It speaks volumes for the common woman all over britain..kohsamui rosie on face book
    following through google reader as well

  45. Hannah

    I subscribe via e-mail.
    I love the botanics range, especially the leave-in conditioner. but my fave is Botanics pore erfecting toner for blemish-prone skin, just as good as my liz earle!
    hannah x

  46. Tabby

    My favourite product has to be number seven cleansing wipes as a pack on the bedside table ensures I ALWAYS take my make up off and wake up feeling just that bit better than I would. I’ve even made boyfriends do it for me and its just about simple enough that they do. By far the best as they are sensitive and dont dry out your skin but ensure no panda eyes!
    And even better you can pretty much get them for free with a five pound voucher!

    I follow you via email.

  47. Serena Wong

    Mine would be the No7 soft and soothed gentle toner. It’s hypoallergic and great for my sensitive skin. It doesnt have any alcohol or fragrance to irritate to.
    I follow you by email subscription

  48. Sharon Witney

    Great giveaway. I follow via e-mail. My favourite Boots skincare product is No. 7 Protect and Perfect.

  49. Gemma Lakin

    I follow you by google connect
    my favourite boots skincare is the hot cloth cleanser because I only bought it less than a week ago and already my skin has improved!

  50. Oriana

    I subscribe to you via E-mail :)
    My fave boots skincare product is a tie up between No.7 tinted moisturiser and No.7 lift and illuminate day cream-which incidentally I’m nearly out of!! :)

  51. Claire Hannah

    Heyup Ruth!
    Ermmm I’d have to say my top Boots skincare product is.. Botanics Moisturising Body Balm. Nice! I follow your site via Google Connect.

  52. Kate

    My favourite Boots product is No7 Protect & Perfect serum. As well as being amazingly moisturising, anti-ageing and all that jazz, I’ve also noticed that it makes ‘morning after the night before’ skin look much better. That’s what I call multi-tasking!
    I follow by email.
    Kate x

  53. Hazel

    My fave product is protect and perfect intense serum. My skin slurps the stuff up!!

    I follow by email.

  54. guz

    i follow both with google friend connect and email!
    my favourite boots product is the boots expert sensitive hydrating eye cream it is amazing! my undereyes are sooo much moisturised now and it means i no longer have cakey, crepey undereyes! x

  55. fari

    My fav skincare product is the Boots Shea body butter!! It makes my skin silky smooth and smells like COOKIES! Yummmmmy! I am following you with Google Friend/Twitter xx

  56. Sarah Atkins

    Hi Ruth!

    Really hard choice but as a student I love the Boot’s cucumber 3-minute clay mask as it’s super cheap, leaves my skin feeling soft after a heavy week and smells so fresh.
    This is an amazing prize!
    I am an email subscriber.
    Sarah x

  57. Nati

    Hi Ruth,
    My fave Boots skincare product is the Soap & Glory Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser(second fave is No7 Heavenly Hydration Moisture Mask). When I were in Southamerica my skin was very oily but here in UK became really dry, so I am new in that kind of creams, and the products from Soap&Glory and no7 I’ve tried had fantastic results on my skin, I’m pleasantly surprised!

    I follow by email and google friend connect and a YouTube subscribers.

  58. Lorna

    Fantastic competition. I follow you via email and my favourite product is No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum, makes my skin (and me) feel beautiful. Sadly my bottle has just run out so this competition couldn’t have come at a better time!!!

  59. Pip

    Hey, I follow by email,

    My favourite boots product is the botanics organic rosewater tonic, it is perfect for my sensitive skin and it works for me,and I can be generous with it because it doesn’t cost that much. Pipxxx

  60. Catherine

    My favourite product has to be the No7 eye makeup remover, in my experience it is the best I have used so far and such good value.
    I follow you by email.

  61. Jade

    Hi Ruth,

    My favourite Boots product is the No7 Protect and Perfect Night Cream. I also love the Soap and Glory Face Massage Mini Mitt.

    I follow you by email.


  62. Fiona

    Another vote here for the Boots Botanics Organic Rosewater Toner, it is so gentle and refreshing (it was a close run thing between this and several of the Protect and Perfect products!)

    I follow you via email

  63. Martika Fu

    Well I haven’t tried many No7 products but out of the few I have tried I love using No7 Gentle Forming Cleanser. I feel that it is very light and gentle, after using it my face feels really clean.

    Also after reading some of these comments, looks like I should really try the No7 Serum. :)

    Followed by email :) <3

  64. Memy

    I follow your site through email notifications and watch your YouTube videos EVERY DAY!!!. My favorite Boots product is the Boots No. 7 Protect and Perfect Intensive Serum. The selection of the Boots line is very limited ,so I was glad to find something that I really love.

  65. Dicle

    Hey Ruth,

    I follow by email and google friend connect. My fav Boots product is No7 Triple Protection Tinted Moisturiser.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  66. Resh

    My favourite product would be the Botanics organic rosewater toner. I subscribe via email (reshma_mallya@hotmail.com). Thanks for the giveaway! x

  67. Rens

    Hi Ruth I am reposting this comment after reading todays post on ur top 10 boots products, great choices I must say….
    Now, since I dont see my previous commenton this post here it is.
    My fav boots product: the No7 protect and perfect serum!
    Im a follower via gmail i.e email
    hope this is correct :)

  68. Emma G

    Thanks for the giveaway, I follow via e-mail and my favourite Boots Product is the Organic Face Rosewater toner.

  69. Annette Thomas

    I love the Boots Nourish Oil, really works wonders when my skin gets even more dry than usual!
    Follow by email and love reading your reviews :-)

  70. Hayley

    My favourite boots product has got to be the eye make up remover and the facial wipes, they are amazing. I follow by email and by GFC. :) x

  71. Aislinn07

    My favourite boots skincare product is the botanics soothing eye makeup remover as it gently removes all of my eye makeup.
    I follow you via google friend connect.

  72. Lorna Patrick

    not sure if i entered this yet or not!

    but here goes…

    think my favourite would be No7 Triple Protection Tinted Moisturiser, am loving this at the moment! although i bet my favourite changes all the time! cant get enough of that product now though :)

    i’m subscribed to your email – lornapatrick@hotmail.co.uk :)

    this is a great prize! good luck everybody!

  73. Jemima

    Wow, Ruth, what a perfect giveaway! I’m forever entering competitions-I earn little money, and what I do earn, I have to spend on expenses, such as looking after my mum. This giveaway offers not one product, but six month’s supply of them! Amazing! I’d have to say my favourite product would be the No7 triple protection tinted moisturiser as it’s, essentially, three products in one, and would save so much money as I wouldn’t have to buy a moisturiser AND foundation AND sun cream! :D
    I follow by google mail and love every e-mail. Thanks so much for the opportunity, keep up the good work! :) xxx Email

  74. angie

    Hello Ruth, x Mine would be the No7 Precision Brow Pencil in Dark Brown…THE Best eyebrow pencil by far….ohh and the cucumber face clothes are very nice too….(This site, Facebook and Youtube)

  75. Jo

    Wow what an awesome giveaway (or two!).

    My favourite Boots skincare product is the No 7 Micro-dermabrasion exfoliator, and i also really like the Botanics Soothing Eye Makeup remover, it’s really gentle :)

    Really wanna try the No7 Protect & Perfect Serum!!

    I follow via GFC under “Jo”, one of many Jo’s i’m sure!

  76. Samantha

    My favourite product from Boots is their Botanics Instant Glow Tinted Moisturiser! Perfect for a natural no-makeup look. I follow you via GFC!

  77. Hema

    Oh boots how I love thee so..
    Your products entice me back and fro
    Nail varnish, lipsticks and luscious cream,
    With your no7 highlighter making my skin beam,
    Winning this fantabulous prize would make me glow :-)

    My fave all time product has to be No7 Protect and Perfect beauty serum, makes my skin super splendidly soft! I follow this great website by email newsletter. Looking forward to the next beauty update!

  78. Emma

    It has to be the Time Delay gradual tan with SPF15- it is a fantastic facial moisturiser, feels expensive and the grad tan thing is an added bonus!

    I follow A Model Recommends by email.

  79. Anna

    My facourite product is Boots Expert Concentrated Hand and Nail Cream. Perfect for winterdry hands!
    I follow you on email.

  80. Mikaela

    My favourite is the Boots Expert Sensitive Gentle Eye Make-Up Removal Lotion. It’s gentle but really effective, and really good value too.
    I follow by email subscription

  81. Rhiannon

    My favorite Boots skin care product has got to be the shine control moisturizer from the Tea Tree and Witch Hazel range, I love how not only does it help to combat my oily skin, but the tea tree + witch hazel are minimizing spots at the same time. I follow you via email subscription, love the site, my discovery of it was a coincidence after watching a model documentary on 4OD a few weeks ago that featured you, was quite a few years old though I believe, it covered your very first job :)

  82. Toni Simms

    Hi Ruth, my favourite boots products has got to be Botanics Organic Super Balm, perfect for this weather’s effect on my poor, poor skin. I also follow you through google connect.

    Thanks Xx

  83. Sarah Colson

    Hey Ruth!

    I love love love the Boots No. 7 Triple protection tinted moisturiser!! As a fair skinned girlie I need a bit of healthy colour and this leaves my skin with a beutiful glow! xx GFC

  84. Niamh

    No 7 Triple Protection Tinted Moisturiser and No 7 Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum.

    Follow by Email and Google Friend Connect

    Niamh x

  85. Emma dale

    Far too many lovely No7 products to choose from but I do really love the protect and perfect serum and their tinted moisturiser!…..very popular choices by the looks of things. What a fantastic competition!
    I follow via google friend connect and by email subscription.

  86. Heli

    My favourite has to be the No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Day Cream. It helps keep my skin moisturised all day long. I’m subscribed to your emails.

  87. Stacy Walden

    I follow by email!

    I absolutely adore the Botanics rosewater toner – so good ppl even buy it for me for birthdays etc as I love it! Just started using the protect and perfect intense eye cream at night that’s been pretty good thus far! :D

  88. Daisy

    My favourite product has to be the No 7 Tinted Moisturiser- adore it and so perfect for summer months!

    I follow via google friends connect x

  89. Sophie

    What an amazing giveaway! My favourite Boots products have to be either the No7 Beautifully Clear Age-Defence Blemish Care or the No7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser.

    I follow via email subscription and GFC.

  90. Caroline

    My FAVOURITE Boots product is the No7 Triple Protection Tinted Moisturiser- love it!
    And I follow by email subscription…your posts are helping me severely procrastinate when I should be writing my final year dissertation- oops! :)

  91. Samantha Hadadi

    Oooh, what a fab giveaway! I follow by email and I lovelovelove the No.7 Protect and Perfect Beauty Serum – it makes my skin look glowing and rested, even after a big night out!

  92. Emma Frankel-Thorin


    I follow via e-mail. My favourite product is the Botanics soothing eye make-up remover. It really is amazing.

    Thank you

  93. Lixie

    My favourite is the No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser, my skin feels so fresh after using it.

    I follow with Google connect x

  94. Karen

    So here goes after days of adding and deleting then adding back in again ;-) are my final list of my 10 favourite boots products.

    1. No7 Triple Protection Tinted Moisturiser – 50ml
    2. No7 Revitalising Hand Saviour 75ml
    3. No7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser 200ml
    4. No7 Quick Thinking 4 in 1 Wipes 30
    5. No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum – Glass Bottle 30ml
    6. No7 Heavenly Hydration Moisture Mask 100ml
    7. No7 Protect & Perfect Body Serum 200ml
    8. No7 Cleansing Body Polish 200ml
    9. No7 Silky Leg Oil 100ml

    And a final choice for the boyfriend (as I’m feeling generous and he loves their stuff too)
    10. No7 Mens Protect & Perfect Intense Serum 30ml (well he’s not getting any younger either)

    p.s. I follow your site via google connect *fingers crossed*

  95. Christine

    My favourite boots skincare product is No 7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser. I follow you by email subscription.


  96. Shelley Kolseth

    I follow by email and I love the No7 Quick Thinking face wipes, there really handy if your staying away from home and can’t take all your usual products with you.
    Shelley x

  97. Annette

    My favourites are the body butters. Fairtrade brazil nut body butter is my favourite. What a lovely smell! I follow via google connect. Great blog – great giveawy:-)

  98. Amy R

    I’m a follower via email.

    My favourite Boots skincare product has to be “Botanics Soothing Eye Make Up Remover”. It’s gentle and doesn’t irritate my extremely sensitive skin. It also removes all eye makeup, unlike some eye make up removers! It’s not too expensive, easily available, and I like to stock up so I never run out!

  99. Rachel

    My favourite Boots skincare product is No 7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser. It is so creamy and gorgeous and makes my skin feel amazing.
    I follow via GFC :)

  100. julie kenny

    I love the Boots protect and perfect intense beauty serum – it really has made a differnce to the wrinkles around my eyes!

    I follow you via google connect

    Thanks for the chance to win Xx

    @relisys222 ( on twitter )

  101. Susanne Temlett

    I follow via goole connect.

    My favourite product is No7 Beautifully Clear Age-Defence Blemish Care.

  102. jacquie

    Hiya, I’m a big fan of p&p serum and eye cream … although I also use no 7 off and on … follow via email…. fingers crossed!!

  103. Rebecca Hardisty

    My favourite Boots products are No7 night cream, because if you have dry to combination sky it gives you a great moisture surge whilst you sleep. My skin always feels soft and silky smooth after I’ve used this. I also love the repair and protect serum and day cream. The serum really does what it says on the tin!

    From the Boots Botanics range I absolutely love the Radiance Beauty Balm. It’s a great little product which works fantastically as a (brightening) primer. Even Lisa Eldridge has coveted it on her blog!

    I use Google Friends to follow your lovely blog!
    twitter @Hardisteee

  104. Louise-Lesley

    I follow by Google Connect!

    I only really discovered No7 skincare last summer but the perfectly balanced range (especially their day time moisturiser/gel one!) is amazing!

    I also really love the Botanics foot butter – it is without a doubt the only reason I get my feet out in the summer!

  105. Leigh-Anne C

    Not sure if this counts by boots Soap and Glory Catch A Wrinkle In Time moisturiser if smells gorgrous, gives a great glow and leaves my skin feeling fresh and amazing.

    Follow through email

  106. Karen

    Wow where do I start! well I shall go through my daily routine:

    Wash face with No7 Gentle foaming cleanser (or No7 Radiance Revealed Exfoliator at the weekend)

    Apply No7 Protect and Perfect serum to face, followed by the fantastic Biotherm Multirecharge day cream (they work perfectly together!)

    Apply some No7 Protect and Perfect eye cream if im looking a bit tired that day

    Apply some No7 Protect and Perfect lip cream if its a cold day outside

    Whack on some body lotion (various ones from the natural collection, botantics and ingredients)

    Apply some makeup (again mainly No7 products!) And im good to go for the day!

    I follow the blog using Friend Connect, Twitter and have liked the facebook page!!

    xoxox :):) xoxox

  107. Susanne Temlett

    I follow via email.

    My absolute favourite product is No7 Beautifully Clear Age-Defence Blemish Care.
    An all-round problem solver, it unblocks pores & reduces redness whilst simultaneously protecting the skin from the effects of aging, what more could you ask from a single product!

  108. Reema


    I love the botanics range from boots.. they are gentle and effective from my skin type. I mostly get the moisturizers.No 7 also has lovely make-up range.

    I follow you via Google connect.


  109. Nikki B

    I have to say I have always been a bit of a cynic when it comes to beauty products but when I saw the hype surrounding No 7 Protect and Perfect beauty serum, I decided, what the heck I’m nearly 40 and need all the help I can get. Well, what a revelation, instantly my skin felt and looked wonderful. I have been using it for over a year now and having turned 40, I am flattered by the comments I get that I don’t look 40. Is this beacause of the Protect and Perfect Beauty Serum? I think so and am not going to stop using it.

    I follow by email.

  110. Barbara Watkinson

    I absolutely adore all your Protect & Perfect Range. The intense beauty serum is the most must have item in my entire collection. Name 3 things you’d grab if the house was on fire? 3 tubes of No 7 Protect & Perfect Intense Serum ! At least if I was frowning from my house being burned down, the wrinkles wouldn’t show :-)

    I follow on email, google and facebook

  111. Elaine H

    I’ve been using the No 7 Perfect and Protect Serum since it came out and love it. I’m following you on google friend connect.

  112. Elizabeth S

    I follow by E-mail :)

    My absolute favourite skincare product is the No7 Purifying Sauna Mask, i love the way it self heats and really feels as though its cleansing deep down, getting rid of everything grim on my skin, i have such oily prone to spotty skin and i love the fact that No7 products keep it at bay, it’s soooooo great and when there are £5 No7 vouchers its even better :)


  113. Hev

    Sorry forgot to mention.. found you on the internet by accident when searching for a good cleanser and follow you by subscribing to your emails x

  114. Hev

    My favourite product is No 7 triple action tinted moisturiser, it was dual action. It keeps my skin hydrated for ages, is a wonderful colour and gives me a glow, i wore it the night i got engaged. Also its packed full of anti oxidants and has an spf15 in it, what more could a girl want? X

  115. Charlie

    Botanics eye make-up remover. I have been using this for at least 15 years. Obviously I started wearing mascara as a very young child!

    I follow by email subscription.

  116. Ria

    Hi Ruth, my Boots skincare must haves are Botanics cleansing wipes. I follow by email subscription. Thanks again for another brilliant competition! xx

  117. Memy

    Hi Ruth, I hope you having a great week so far.I really enjoy your Youtube videos and this blog.My fav product has to be boots No. 7 Protect and perfect intensive beauty serum I can’t get enough of this stuff !
    I follow you via email! Please keep up the awesome job !!!

  118. Catherine

    Hmm, I’ve been late to the No7 parade, and am now regretting years (well, not that many, I’m only 20 :) ) of throwing away my £5 vouchers! But I just bought the hot cloth cleanser, which I cannot wait to try! I also just bought the Botanics cleansing balm, which I am loving so far, and using this along with the Botanics face brush. I follow Fiona on makeupsavvy, and she touted this as the ‘manual clarisonic’. As a student who can no way afford a real clarisonic, I am willing to spend an extra 5 minutes on my face and hope for some good results!
    This is so generous, thanks! I follow via GFC.
    Catherine xx

  119. Cassie

    Great giveaway! I’m following by GFC.

    My favourite has to be the No 7 P&P serum – a trusted product that I never have to purchase since there’s always a nice 5ml sample with the GWP.

  120. Joanna

    I’m an email subscriber and my favorite skincare product is the Boots Expert Sensitive Daily Moisturizing Cream Spf 12 =)

  121. Hanny

    I follow my email subscription and also by coming here every other day to check new posts and browse your website.

    My favourite product from Boots is the St Ives Scrub!

  122. Jenny

    My favourite product is Time Delay microdermabrasion system – it’s one of the best physical scrubs I have ever used. I follow on email!

  123. Heather

    I love the No7 intense hydration day cream – sorts my skin right out!! I follow by email (on twitter too!)

  124. Kerrie

    Has to be boots’ tea tree nose pore strips, they make my nose so clear!
    I am following by email :) xx

  125. liz geary

    i follow by email and mine is the botanics toner for blemished skin i havent had a breakout since ive been using it

  126. ella

    hey ruth,
    i genuinely adore the No7 soft and smoothed cleanser. i used to own it and havent found the time to repurchase, but i remember being AMAZED at how smooth my skin was after using it with a hot cloth!

    i follow you via google friend connect. love this blog!

  127. Ellen Moyse

    I follow on email :), I really like the botanics moisturiser. Loving the daily blogging by the way, gives me something to read on the journey to/from college!

  128. Jenni Harland

    Hey Ruth

    Only one for me – No7 Quick wipes they saw me through hot travels in East Africa without a single blemish :o) Goes against all the laws of cleansing doesnt it lol
    I follow by email

  129. Marnie

    I follow your site through email notifications and watch your YouTube videos. My favorite Boots product is the Boots No. 7 Protect and Perfect Intensive Serum. Made a really noticeable difference in my skin.

    I am not from the UK-wasn’t sure if it was only the FB competition that was limited to UK subscribers, so I thought I’d better enter just in case! :)

  130. Emma-Louise

    Hi Ruth,

    My fave Boots skincare product is the Soap & Glory Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser – I love all the hot cloth brands but have definitely settled now on this! Aside from the gorgeous smell and clearer skin, it’s cut my moisturiser bill in half! (Second fave is their Bright Here, Bright Now balm – they make a cracking duo of products.) I’ve been very ill throughout my 20s and just turned 30 and this cleanser’s finally helped me look a tonne better than I feel which in turn makes me feel better!

    I follow you on GFC, and also Facebook and always check out yr twitter page :)

  131. serena

    Hi :)

    My favourite product is the No7 Heavenly Hydration Moisture Mask, perfect pick me up for when my skin is thirsty. Immediately brightens it and for the price is simply outstanding!

    p.s. I follow via email x

  132. Jills

    Hi :-) i follow by email (& Youtube & Facebook). Product wise i <3 the No7 Dual Protection Tinted Moisturiser. Ps. You're always looking for new ways to entertain us followers, we've had whats in your bag, how about what's on your Kindle for the bookworms among us.

  133. Helen S

    My fave product is the No 7 Intense Moisture Day Cream, it does wonders for my skin oh and thought I’d mention that the the Night Cream is fab too (I hope I was allowed to say that)
    H x

  134. Pippa

    my favourite product is probably their own brand tea tree & witch hazel (i think??) cleansing wipes… so effective at getting every bit of makeup off! i follow via gfc x

  135. Stef

    Time Delay Wrinkle Prevention night cream. I love it so much I could bathe in it!

    Follow on email :)


  136. Sally Hales

    My favourite Boots product is the No 7 Microdermabrasion exfoliator. My skin is ultra dry, and this is the only product that keeps me patch-free. It’s a godsend at its price-point, too, especially when those lovely 5 pound vouchers are being thrown around. I’ve tried other microderma products, but they just don’t get down to nitty-gritty this the No 7. Fabulous.

    I follow by email and google friend connect and a YouTube subscribers.

  137. julie booth

    What a fantastic prize. My favourite product is Boots No 7 Protect and perfect Intense night cream. I use it every night and it smells lovely.I am following you by email and Google connect

  138. Alla Yeliseyeva

    my favourite product would have to be Boots Vitamin E moisture lotion spf15. so light but moisturising, love it. and notice my boyfriend has been digging into it a lot. and now i find out his mum loves it too and is stealing his cream (she’s visiting at the moment). haha, now the whole fam is hooked on it. i follow by gfc and RSS :)

  139. co

    i follow via e-mail, i love the No7 pore refining serum, its amazing and the protect and perfect lip care great for colder months ;)

  140. Hannah

    My favorite product is the Botanics skin Brightening Cleanser, it makes such a great difference when I have not had much sleep and are looking a sort of grey colour. Great give away Ruth :D I follow you by e-mail xx

  141. Joy

    I follow you via GFC as Joy.
    My favourite Boots skincare product is Scrub Your Nose In It by Soap and Glory. It’s amazing! :)

  142. Lou

    My Fave product from Boots is Botanics Eye & Lip Correction Serum really does what it says on the tin (well it’s not actually in a tin) :D

    I follow you (loulou72)
    & subscribe to your e-mails
    & ‘Like’ you on Facebook. x

  143. sweet_miss_Jo

    Bloody hell! This model doesn’t do things by half does she! haha. Totally amazing giveaway Ruth. Right let me get listing my favourites now. This could take me a while haha.

    First up definitly the no.7 protect and perfect serum. LOVE this stuff and have used it for years on and off, I always go back to it at some point though. I actually like the normal version more than the intense version, which is a bit strange. Maybe I just like what I know.

    Next up is no.7 blusher in Coral. Amazing pigmentation and it applies so beautyfully. It is also a dupe of a mac blusher which I love and which was a LE item.

    Next is the only bronzer I have found that gives me a perfect natural looking bronzed glow and thats by Boots 17. Most bronzer leave me lookinbg over done or a bit muddy looking, this is just perfect though and so is the price for under £5!

    I always love Botanics Eye Make Up Remover. One of the best eye make up removers out there and as cheap as chips. I highly recommend!

    Boots no.7 cleansing wipes. Now I didn’t like these the first time I tried them, but Im convinced I had a duff pack, because the next time I bought them I fell in love. They are so thick and wet and are perfect for a quick and easy morning cleanse.

    I could go on and on with products, but I’ll just leave it at my main faves.

    Oh and another thing I love is the £5 off No.7 vouchers!!!! I get excited everytime these come out haha.

    I actually follow you through blogger. I typed your address manually into blogger to add you, I think it could be GFC thats powers it though, not actually sure. Eother way your posts come up on my dashboard so I defo follow! I also follow on twitter @sweet_miss_Jo

    Thanks lovely,

    Jo. xx

  144. Sarah

    woops that was accidently sent unfinished! Dopey me, lets try this again. My favourite boots skincare product has gotta be the No7 Protect & Perfect Day Cream. Lovely scent that lingers on my skin, which is lovely at 5pm when im all stressy and can breath in a whiff of it, is very moisturising but still feels very light leaving my skin feeling very comfortable – and for some reason i massage it in very gently and professionaly into my face every morning cause to me it feels like a real luxury item – like im quickly spoiling myself every morn, so not something i wanna abuse and roughly throw on like i usually do!
    I follow you by email.
    Btw i gotta quicly say thank you for teaching me how to spell ‘recommend’ because of your youtube and blog! 1 c, 2 m’s. Lets just pretend i’m ‘dyslexic’…uhum! love :) xxx

  145. Polly Furnival

    I follow by email….Love my daily fix of AMR :) My Fave skincare product is No7 protect and perfect serum and my Fave body product is the Boots Brazil Nut body wash…It’s SOOO scrummy! (AND fairtrade which is nice) I couldn’t pick between the two! xXx

  146. Carly

    Hi Ruth,

    I am an email subscriber. I love No7 Radiance Boosting hot cloth cleanser, its just like the Liz Earle one only smells nicer and is a bit cheaper :) I also love their protect and perfect hand cream-smells divine!

    Carly x

  147. Eleanor

    i really like the No7 Pore Refining Serum as it makes my skin look more clear and nourished!!
    i follow by email xx

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  149. RhondaK

    I love the No 7 Protect and Perfect so much that I’ve now started buying it and shipping it home to my Mum (who lives in NZ) – she loves it now too.
    This is an absolutley brilliant competition – thank you!

    Follow through Google Frind Connect / Twitter

  150. Gabriela

    Hello,for me the best product has to be No7 protect and perfect beauty serum. It’s absolutely fantastic, make’s my skin feel smooth and soft. I also love the botanics skin care range, it just work very well for my skin. thank u.
    I follow u via email and facebook XX

  151. Sasa J

    Of course, I love Protect & Perfect serum, but a new discovery from Boots and my latest favourite product is their TIME DIMENSIONS BRIGHTENING FACIAL BALM. It’s got light-reflecting particles in it that really make your skin glow, it has a very slight tightening effect and it smells deliciously of strawberries. I discovered it by accident, buying it because I thought it was something else, and I totally love it. I wear it on its own over moisturiser for a bit of a boost, or mix it with my foundation and primer to give my skin a glow that lasts all day. That’s the product I’d like to big up on here! (I follow you by email and am lovin’ your work!)

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  153. Sophie

    I follow you with GFC and my favourite product is Soap and Glory’s “Catch a Wrinkle in Time”. It’s fab!

  154. Hadriana

    My fav has to be the No.7 Protect and Perfect serum. As soon as I apply it to my face, my skin just feels so soft and smooth – an amazing product.

    Follow by e-mail newsletter.

  155. Rebecca C

    Following via Google Friend Connect.

    I love most of the boots products they work so well with my skin! My favourite definitely has to be the Boots Coconut and Almond Body Butter because it smells so good, Coconut is my favourite scent. It also leaves my skin feeling so nice! Definitely on my repurchase list.

    Rebecca C

  156. Leanne

    What a great giveaway!
    My favourite Boots Skincare product is the No7 Skin Illuminator in Pink. I’ve been wanting a good product to use as a liquid highlighter for a natural, dewy finish for a very long time, wasting a lot of money (not great for a student!) trying out quite expensive products and finding that they’re just a bit… blah! I can’t believe I didn’t try this product out sooner, it leaves such a natural sheen to the skin, and can be used in quite a few different ways which is always good! I really want to try out more of No7′s products because this one impressed me so much!

    I follow using Google Friend Connect.
    Leanne x

  157. sarah browne

    hi ruth,
    my fave product is boots time delay wrinkle prevention day and night cream. i follow by email and on facebook.
    cheers x

  158. Flo

    I follow by email

    My favourite Boots products are probably the No7 daily moisturiser – the one in a pump bottle – partially because the stuff is pink-tinted and pretty!
    But I also love the Natural Collection products – you can’t go wrong with their prices and most of their products are quite good quality.

    Thanks xx

  159. Maryam

    Best product has to be boots no 7 protect and perfect intense beauty serum! xx
    I follow you via google connect

  160. Lucie Mcgregor

    My favorite Boots product would have to be Botanics Night Shift Moisture cream as its so delicate on the skin and feels amazing in the morning instead of leaving a greasy residue like some other night creams. I follow by e-mail.

  161. rumana

    hi. my favourite boots products are the BOTANICS face sensitive oil free moisturiser and the No7 Beautifully Balanced Purifying Toner for Oily to Combination Skin. i follow the website by email :)

  162. Christina

    Following via email

    My favorites are the No7 Protect serum and the hot cloth cleanser. Great giveaway! xx

  163. Yvonne P

    My fav product is No 7 Protect and Protect Intense Day Cream. My sister gave me my first jar of it and I’ve been buying it ever since. I put it on even if I’m staying in all day and I swear my wrinkles….oops I mean fine laughter lines have improved loads!

  164. Melissa Lee

    I love the No 7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth cleanser – best thing ever!

    I follow with google connect :)

  165. Izzy

    My favourite Boots product has got to be Origins’ VitaZing. Not only does it feel fabulous on the skin, but it works like a tinted moisturiser as well. Whenever I feel lazy to put on foundation, this is my saviour! :)

    I follow you by email by the way :D

  166. ann mckenna

    Great Prize! My favourite product is Boots Time Delay anti-ageing day moisturiser. Since I’ve been using it my skin feels smoother and more supple. It’s great.
    I follow by e-mail.

  167. Name

    Hi Ruth, I’m an italian girl.
    Probably 7 or 8 months ago I found your youtube channel, and I was really happy that I found a model’s beauty channel, I’m interested in your reccomendations and tips about fashion, skin and all the rest. I cheked out your amazing videos in which you share your tricks of the job (I don’t know how I can say) and it was love at the first sight. Then I visit this website and I subscrived immediately.
    By the way, my favourite boots product is “Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Shine Control Moisturiser”
    I follow via facebook, google, e-mail.
    Thanks for all.

  168. Rebecca Bee

    Hello, my favourite is also the No7 hot cloth cleanser!

    I follow through email.

    Great prize would love to win I need to treat my skin better! :)

  169. Nic's Notebook

    OMG amazing!! My fav product is the No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser – it leaves my skin so hydrated and clean and I love using the muslin cloth with it too :) I follow via RSS feed and Google FC xx

  170. Mathilde

    I love NO7 Hot Cloth Cleanser and Botanics Day Moisture Lotion SPF 12. Fantastic giveaway I must say! I follow by email :)

  171. Anna-Sophie

    I follow via email (and do reside in the UK, although my email address may suggest otherwise).

    What a fab giveaway!! My favourite product would have to be the Botanics Organic Nourishing Body Oil.

  172. Kim

    Everything sounded too good to be true until I read the last line and saw that indeed, it is too good to be true since I’m a Belgian follower :( Good luck to everybody entering!

  173. Rens

    my fauvorite product from boots is the No.7 Protect ans Perfect serum…its a life saver.
    I am a follower of ur blog (and YouTube channel) through email :)

  174. lucy carthew

    My favorite boots product is botanics night shock night cream. Its made such a difference to my skin. I love it

  175. nicci cowdell-murray

    i follow on google connect
    my ultimate fave product from the boots ranges is No7 Cocooning Butter, ive never felt anything like it , its gorgeous and makes your skin sooo soft. i have psoriasis so often have dry scaly skin but this really is a brilliant product that i couldnt live without :) try it!!!!

  176. Lizzie

    Great competition. Trust me, if you live in the UK, you don’t know how lucky you are. Boots is the greatest and whenever I go home, I buy a suitcase worth of stuff to take back to Madrid. Ruth, use your influence and get them to open a branch here ;-)

  177. Irina

    I follow this blog via Google Connect

    My favourite Boots product is Boost Botanics Luxurious Bath Elixir. It’s made up of natural ingredients which is always a good things, smells lovely and herbally (is it a word?) and leaves the skin nice and soft.

  178. Sally J

    I absolutely love the natural collection body butters they smell gorgeous I always stock up when it’s 3 for 2 :-)
    I’m an email follower xx

  179. Rhi

    Wow amazing giveaway!
    I follow by GFC and my fave boots product is the Botanics Nourishing Body Butter. It is soooo rich, it smells incredible, it comes in a HUGE tub and is SO cheap! There’s nothing not to like!

  180. Emma Frankel-Thorin


    I follow through bloglovin and the e-mail newsletter. I also follow you on twitter if that counts.

    My favourite Boots product is the Botanics soothing eye make-up remover. It really is great, it removes every trace of eye make-up. It’s really gentle too and doesn’t sting my otherwise very sensitive skin. I absolutely love it.


  181. Emma Frankel-Thorin


    I follow through Bloglovin and the newsletter. I also follow you on twitter (if that counts).

    My favourite is by Botanics. It’s the Botanics soothing eye make up remover. It’s amazing removes every trace of make up and is really gentle. I absolutely love it.


  182. Name

    wow what a huge and great prize. ny fav skincare product is Protect & Perfect serum and follow via email.

  183. Sarah

    The No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser is fab, your skin feels really good after using it and it’s a great price to compared to its more famous sister :)
    Following your blog with google connect.

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  185. KatyG_22

    Hi, thanks for the great giveaway…..

    My fav product is Soup & Glory slimwear….seems to help get rid of that pesky cellulite when I am in the panicky pre-holiday stage…

    I follow you on youtube and by email…

  186. Marycarol

    My favourite has to be Protect & Profect – use serum all the time and definitely would say it works. Also use body lotion sometimes. I follow by email.

  187. kelly

    i follow you by email.

    it may not be the most exciting product but my favourite product is the Boots Essentials Fragrance Free Facial Wash. i do not have much money to spend on beauty or skincare products and i find that this product is really good and suits my skin and is very good value for money.
    this would be a fantastic prize to win and then i could try more expensive products out.

  188. Name

    My favourite skincare product from the Boots range is the No7 hot cloth cleanser, i’m also supprised to see that is is so many others favourite too!!!

    I am a follower via GFC.

    Would love to win this great prize – it would keep me going for a year, or so, lol!!

    emma x

  189. Lisa

    Hi Ruth,

    My fave No7 product is the hot cloth cleanser…it’s brilliant.

    I follow via Facebook, GFC, Youtube, email.


  190. FionaLynne Edwards

    I’m a Protect & Perfect girl! That stuff is amazing – my skin has never felt so soft.

    I follow you via google.

  191. Katherine

    Struth Ruth, how many entries do u have already!
    I follow by email and my prod is perfect n protect day cream. Thanks

  192. Tracy Nixon

    My favourite beauty product is the Famous ‘Protect and Perfect Beauty Serum’ – for the face. Ever since it came out with a BANG I have used it and can see a big difference in my skin – I glow and people say I dont look my aged (5) and not a wrinkle or crease in sight!

  193. Gemma Harrison

    Boots Traditional Skin Care Cold Cream 200ml – my mum has been using it for years and now me and my sister do. It really makes your skin soft.

  194. m

    my favourite boots products are no7 day cream and tinted moisturiser.
    i love ur blog and follow it through mail and google.

  195. Melanie Hunt

    I always use boots no7 essential moisturiser, i have very dry skin and this is all that suits me. i use a no7 cleanser then the night and day cream. i really dont know where i would be without it. i feel so confident now.

  196. Nicky Russell

    My Fave product is without a doubt the Boots Fragrance free Cleansing Wipes.. They re thge only wipes i found to a) do the job and b) not irritate my skin :)

  197. Dannii

    My favourite No7 product is the eye makeup remover, its removes every trace of eye makeup including waterproof Mascara, I follow via GFC xx

  198. Amber

    Hi Ruth! one of my favorite products from Boots is no7 beautifully balanced purifying cleanser.
    I follow your blog via e-mail :) I love your blog it’s soo helpful! I’m in the modeling industry too and It is so nice to see all of the products you use to keep your skin looking great!

  199. Marta P

    My favourite Boots skincare product is the Botanics Organic Balm cleanser – gorgeous!

    Follow you by email

  200. Jo Jones

    No 7s Protect & Perfect Serum is my favourite product as it makes my skin feel (&look I’m told) gorgeous.
    Follow on email

  201. LizH

    oops yelling.
    But seriously, this is wonderful. I live in the U.S. and while we have a limited amount of Boots products available to us at Target, it’s just not the same.

    My favorite product would have to be the No.7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser.
    It really suits my combination skin, love love love it.

    Also, I follow you using my e-mail :]

  202. Claire

    I can’t quite decide on if it’s the hot cloth cleanser or protect and perfect intense… can I choose both please?

    I follow you via GFC. xx

  203. Sarah

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

    I follow you by GFC, and on Twitter (@sarahmeana).
    My favourite Boots skincare product is the: No7 Lift & Luminate Night Cream 50ml. It smells great and isn’t too greasy.

    Thanks for entering me!

  204. guz

    I love boots expert hydrating eye cream because it is amazing both in price and in what it does my undereyes are soooo moisturised that itwhen i put my concealer on now it glides on rather than caking up in 5 minutes!

  205. sunfiregal

    My favorite has to be the VICHY NEOVADIOL Densifying and Sculpting Care Night … As my skin ages it has become invaluable.
    Thanks for the greats videos and give aways Ruth.

  206. Shei

    My favorite Boots No. 7 products are: the Beautifully Balanced Purifying Cleanser for oily/combination skin, the Lifting and Firming Foundation and the eye makeup remover. I follow your blog through email.

  207. Natalie Vella

    that’s awesome!

    like many other have said gotta agree with my fav No7 product as the Hot Cloth Cleanser!

  208. Chicky

    Fantastic giveaway! My favourite boots skincare is the Good Things range, I really like all of it but particularly the creamy cleanser. It’s one of the only sls free brands they do. I like the packaging and the products smell lovely.

  209. stina brewster

    Hey, FABBY Giveaway, please can I enter into the draw.
    I follow your blog and your YT channel too- LOVE!

    My favourite Boots product is No 7 Luminating Radiance beauty serum, just fantastic stuff for a fresh looking face!

    Thanks for this x

  210. Rosie

    My favourite Boots skincare product is No. 7 Intense Moisture Day Cream – texture like whipped cream and perfect for sensitive skin like mine :). It smells gorgeous, which is a lovely bonus, and my face is all bouncy and soft afterwards!
    Hi ModelRecommends…I follow you on Twitter and email! Love hearing what you have to say – always makes me giggle. X

  211. Bex

    heya, I follow via google connect and email and on youtube.
    My fave no7 boots product atm is the protect and perfect serum, so good in the winter for dry skin as my skin tends to get horrible dry patches!

    ta :)

  212. Dawn Smith

    My favourite by far is the Protect and Perfect Intense Serum, I always keep a stock just in case

    I follow you by email

  213. emma w

    I nearly died of excitement when I saw this giveaway! I’m not sure if this counts as skin care but I love boots foot care range. I use the foot soak, invigorating foot scrub, and the deep moisturising foot lotion. It works wonders on tired feet especially if u’ve been wearing heels all day. The best thing is they lea e your feet soft, relaxed and refreshed. The foot lotion is absorbed quite quickly when you massage it in which is great. I usually find that a lot of moisturisers take ages to be absorbed and can just feel horrible and sticky. The foot range smells nice too. Generally any skin care product to do with exfoliating and moisturising I love!!
    I follow via email, youtube and facebook
    Emma xx

  214. claire green

    My fave just HAS to be No7 Protect and Perfect, it’s great for faces and hands – working in the nhs I have horrid hands, they get so sore and dry, and this cream is perfect!

    Great giveaway by the way!!
    I’m following you through google connect =)

  215. Wilma

    No.7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser is a wonderful product – I recommend it to all my friends. I follow via email.

  216. Claudia

    Hi Ruth!
    I love the boots botanics eye make up remover! It does a great job a removing eye makeup, its very gentle and soothing.. and its affordable!
    Thanks for this fantastic giveaway!
    Claudia x

  217. Mrs D Snee

    No 7 Age Defence Cleanser I’m still young but stress and a baby has really taken that youthful look out my skin and this cleanser has put it back in again. It leaves my skin soft and radiant and hopefully wrinkle free for a few more years :)

  218. Danny

    Ahhhh, how exciting!

    My favourite product is the Boot’s expert hand and nail cream.
    I follow you via e-mail.

    Thanks! x

  219. Clementina

    Definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, beyond all reasonable expectations, without question, without a second thought, really, surely, truly, undeniably, unmistakably, unquestionably, it has to be Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum ;)

    I follow via email. Thanx.

  220. Ellie

    oh my god this give away is AMAZING! well I have to go for the protect and perfect beauty serum as my fav product! but their turkey stuffing sandwich in the meal deals are a close second!
    follow you on GFC and am obsessed with your youtube vids :)
    thanks, ellie xoxo

  221. Memabige

    ooohh this giveawy only for UK :( it’s ok if you change your mind I live just in UK’s neighborhood (Ireland)hahah good luck to everyone.

  222. WelshBeautyBlog

    What an amazing giveaway!
    My favourite Boots skincare product is the Botanics Organic Balm cleanser that I blogged about recently. I love it!
    Follower through GFC

  223. joselin desilva

    Im a follower by GFC and Email, my favourite boots product is the botanic face brush as it is just like the clarisonic but manual takes 4 minutes instead of 1 but hey it does the job for only £6!

  224. Mel

    Wow what an amazing give-away! You are right, it is HUGE!! I love and use n7 cleanser and serum and I want to try the exfoliator as it is apparently very good. I am a Google friend follower. M.

  225. Carla

    Hey Ruth,

    your posts and youtube channel are glamourlicious :) I have been in the UK since last September and the first time I went to Boots I got one of those 5 pound vouchers. I discovered No.7 Hot Cloth Cleanser (seems to be popular haha) and I thought, I’m gonna love this country. I was so excited to try it out. It smells so nice and clean, applies like velvet and the warm cloth gently exfoliates and removes every trace of makeup (even after removing it with a bajillion cotton puffs). After rinsing my skin feels so soft and not tight like it has been stripped of everything. When I go back home I might have to find a way to smuggle it :p.

    Thanks :*

  226. lucy

    No7 Beautifully Clear Age-Defence Blemish Care

    i love it – for me it beats my trusty old la roche posay effaclar duo stuff!

    i follow both the fabulous website (through blogger.com) and your youtube videos – they are hilarious, honest and great fun to watch


  227. Sarah McCay

    From the Boots the Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Peel off mask – it calms and soothes my rosacea whilst leaving my skin clear and minimizing pores and it only cost £3.05!!

    I follow via Google and Twitter!!!

  228. Sarah Sandiford

    Hands down, without a doubt, Botanics light pore perfecting moisturiser, i’ve never strayed, its just perfect! xxx

  229. thumbalins

    Amazing giveaway!!!! So exciting! I follow via email and my favourite product from No7 is the total renewal micro-dermabrasion exfoliator.

  230. Izzy

    My favourite Boots product has got to be Origins’ VitaZing. Not only does it feel fabulous on the skin, but it works like a tinted moisturiser as well. Whenever I feel lazy to put on foundation, this is my saviour! :)

  231. Stacie

    My favourite boots product is Botanicals Eye make up remover. It’s a great budget version of Lancome.
    I follow through GFC as Stacie

  232. Emma M

    Cool giveaway! My favorite Boots skincare product is No7 gentle foaming cleanser… one bottle has lasted me twice daily washes since the end of the summer, so that’s about six months and there’s still some left!
    It pumps out, which is handy in the shower, ‘coz water doesn’t get mixed in with the product.
    The pump mechanism is quite cool, foam comes straight out onto your hand without having to lather it up. It has no scent, is incredibly gentle, and removes all of my makeup leaving me face nice and squeaky clean… it’s a reasonable price, and beats a lot of the premium brand cleansers i’ve tried… it’s a win!

  233. sarah

    I’m a self confessed beauty hussy, but No 7 Protect and perfect is my fail safe beauty product that I alway use, no matter how tired/hungover I am. I always make sure that I slap it on and let it work its magic.

    I love getting your emails and thats how i follow you (in non stalker way, of course!!)


    Sarah x

  234. missy_ellie_uk

    It’s already been said, but the Botanics eye makeup remover is amazing! Also always repurchase the Quick Thinking wipes for those late nights when Cleanse and Polish seems too much effort! I’m a GFC follower. Aww, I love Boots! x

  235. Cheryl

    Hmm, I’m torn between the Protect & Perfect serum, and their Hot Cloth Cleanser! I’d probably plum for the serum… I only really use the cleanser when I’m skint and can’t afford my beloved Liz Earle!

    I think I follow you on Google Connect, but I’m also a subscriber through Google reader rss, so I usually catch up on your posts through that :)

  236. Dom Azavedo

    Email follower (and twitter stalkerer).

    Favourite No 7 product is the Quick Thinking 4 in one wipes. They are AMAZING! They can even deal with MAC liquidlast eyeliner, which is a miracle if you ask me :)

  237. Rachael

    My fave Boots product is the Number 7 Hot cloth cleanser! Also love the eye make up remover (love the fact that there’s a pump on it).

    Follow using Google!

  238. Candy

    Wow this is great Ruth, fantastic giveaway.

    My favourite Boots skincare is Botanics Soothing Eye Make Up Remover, it’s so good for my waterproof mascara! I might give the Garnier one you mentioned a try though!

    I follow via email :)


  239. Arran

    My favourite product?Where do I start!Okay if I had to pic one it would be the No.7 Quick thinking wipes.They remove even the most stubborn mascara and are very moisturizing

  240. Richella

    Hi Ruth,
    Brilliant giveaway, two boots staples for me are: Botanics Soothing eye make up remover and No7 Essentially Natural foundation. If I have to choose I’d go for the Botanics eye make up remover as it is the only one I use whereas I have several foundations.

  241. Janina Moody

    Protect and Perfect eye serum at the moment. It has really helped to lift my ‘mature’ eyelids.

    Google connect & email.

  242. anna

    OOh fab competition. Love all things No 7 and I suspect it is slightly strange that for some reason I refuse to use any other clear/brow mascara than theirs. Also a big fan of all things brown eyeliner related (it is darker than other brands I find). Ah well, enough ranting I follow by email; possibly a bit too avidly ;-)

  243. agi

    hi, i follow be email, by favourite will be everything from collection 2000 (hope i am not cheating), its so cheap and suprisingly good.

  244. Deborah Biney

    Hello Ruth,many thanks for a fab competition…yet again !My favourite skin care product right now is Botanics First Signs of Ageing Radiance Night Serum it is a really ‘luxurious’ serum and it works !I follow you via email. ;0) xx

  245. Silvia

    My favourite Boots product is the Botanics Soothing Eye Makeup Remover. I follow you by email. Thanks for doing this!

  246. victoria

    Hi Ruth,

    I follow you by email, on your facebook page & on Twitter (& if you ever go quiet I just don’t know what I’ll do!).

    Fave has to be No 7s Protect & Perfect Serum. Did anybody say ‘lifesaver’??

  247. JuJu

    WOW! This is BIG!
    Anyways, I follow by your blog :)
    Also, my favorite collection would have to be the No 7 Protect & Perfect Hand Cream. It never leaves my side…almost

  248. Annika

    Hi Ruth, I follow by email.

    This is my dream giveaway. I think I should buy shares in Boots the amount a spend in there!

    Among my many Boots staples, No. 7 Cleanse and Care Eye Make-Up Remover is my absolute must have. It shifts even the toughest of mascaras, never irritates my eyes and lasts for ages.

    A x

  249. Laura

    Hey Ruth! :) I think I nearly died when reading this!

    I love the boots botanics soothing eye makeup remover! Nothing gets my makeup off like it!

    I follow you on email! :)

    Good luck everyone! :) x

  250. CA

    Wow. I follow by email and my favourite product, much as I love Number 7, is actually Boots Ingredients Coconut and Almond Body Butter. I have so many more expensive moisturisers, but none of them make my skin stay soft for as long as this!

  251. Lauren

    My favourite Boots skincare product would have to be No7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser. I absolutely love it!

    I’m following via GFC


  252. Abby

    Definitely the Handy Aqua Wipes. Pain in the bum to get my hands on but when I do they’re invaluable.
    I follow via the google followy thing

  253. Katy

    My favourite Boots product would have to be Boots Skin Clear Quick Clearing Spot Gel, just cause it actually works! It clears spots up within a couple of days :)

    I follow you through Google Friend Connect :) I really think this giveaway is amazing!

  254. Heather

    I follow via RSS Feed/email and my fav product would be the Botanics Soothing Eye Makeup Remover, <3 it!

  255. Becky

    Amazing giveaway, I think my favourite Boots product would be the No7 Protect and Perfect hand cream. I follow your blog via Google Connect. Thanks!

  256. Jess

    My fave has to be the No 7 Radiance boosting hot cloth cleanser. Does just as good a job as Liz Earle cleanse and polish for less cash!

    Great giveaway Ruth!

  257. Ella

    Hi Ruth, I follow by email subscription and on twitter (under Redstone Press)

    My favourite product would have to be No7 Perfect and Protect Beauty Serum- as classic as a BLT (a sandwich I don’t actually like funnily enough.)

    Adore the blog, and youtube vids…


  258. Stephanie

    My favourite Boots product is their Botanics soothing eye make-up remover! I’ve gone through bottles of this. Such AMAZING value at £2.99 and does a better job than some high-end ones!

    I follow you via Google Friend Connect. xx

  259. Bex

    I follow by email, and..hmmm…. my favourite boots skincare product is No7 Protect and Perfect, even though I’m only 22!

    Bex xxx

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  261. Louise Winckles

    What a giveaway!
    My favourite skincare product from the Boots range is the No7 hot cloth cleanser – I just love it!

  262. Amy

    Great giveaway!

    My favourite Boots skincare is the Tea Tree and Witchhazel Shine Control Moisturiser as it gives a lovely mattifying effect without being too drying and is excellent under makeup.

    I follow through Google Friend Connect.



  263. Alana

    What an awesome competition :) I have quite a few favourite products from Boots, but if I had to choose one it would be the Natural Collection Vanilla Shower Cream. It smells like dessert! So yummy!
    I subscribe by email. x

  264. Debbie

    WOW! Shouting back! That is an awesome giveaway, even by your standards! My absolute fave, must have, buy it now Boots skincare product is the Botanics Facial Skin care brush. Best. Thing. Ever. I follow by GFC btw. If I have 2 of them, they are now crossed. x

  265. Kate Mathewson

    I love their No 7 Hot Cloth Cleanser – it is an amazing dupe for the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, and now I’m a student again, slightly more on my budget.

    I follow on Google connect


  266. Lissa

    My favourite Boots product has got to be the No7 protect and perfect beauty serum intense as it truly is a cult product. Effective, accessible high quality skin care for all!

    I follow this blog through my Google reader and I’m a subscriber on youtube and follower on Twitter eeeek sound like a stalker heheheee….

  267. Sylvia

    Oh my god, that’s a fantastic competition!
    My favourite has to be the lift and luminate day cream. I went to Bolivia to work with orphaned children – it’s the poorest country in South America and I was staying at very high altitudes. it’s incredibly dry there, and the sun isn’t always hot, but is really strong. I bought two pots of this, used both and it kept my face from frazzling off.
    I follow by email.
    Good luck everyone!

  268. ZebyK

    Hey Ruth, I follow with Google Friend Connect and my favourite Boots skincare product is the Botanics Night Cream, works a treat and it doesn’t cost the Earth! (Oh and it smells reallly yummy!) Thank you xxx

  269. Sosha

    It has to be the tea tree and witch hazel foaming face wash. Makes my skin feeling sooooo fresh and squeaky clean! :)
    Follow by email and google

  270. Emmsies76

    My favourite Boots product of all time is No.7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser. Such a great discovery :D
    I follow you on Twitter, Google Connect, E-Mail & Facebook (lolllz)

  271. mary

    Ahh! Fantastic giveaway.
    Definitely one of my vaourite Boots skincare items is their Botanics Soothing Eye Makeup Remover. Would love to try more no7 too as I love the wonderful Hot Cloth Cleanser!

  272. Ronja Chiara

    hey there. at first i wanna tell you how awesome your channel&blog are. ;D

    seriously i follow your blog religiously…it is amazing.

    sooo my favorite product is the Protect&PErfect hand cream…it is awesome for my rough habds. lol i follow u via mail ;D.

  273. Jack Townsend

    Follow using Google Reader

    My favourite boots no7 would defiantly have to be the protect and perfect night and day cream (ek picked 2, but can count as one please?). My mum has used the range for as long as I can remember and the smell of the cream always takes me back to snugly childhood story time in bed with her. Whenever we go on holiday I always pinch some of the creams and wake up with fabulous glowing skin, and although my mother may be just shy of 60, she looks nearer 40! I would say these products work miracles and that is why they are my favourite.

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