Grrrrr. Flannels.

tigre flannels zara home

Grrrr. Check out these babies! Straight from Scary Spice’s boudoir, they are now gracing my new bathroom. The humble face flannel is one of the best beauty tools you can buy – brilliant for holding over your skin to steam off stubborn eye makeup and open pores – they hold onto heat for longer than a muslin cloth, and they’re slightly softer on your face.

I love these Tiger flannels even more than a usual flannel because they won’t show up horrible mascara stains once they’ve been used a few times – white ones start to look really grubby even if you wash them on a hot wash! The Tiger flannels will hide a multitude of sins, methinks…

zara tigre flannels

Here they are chilling out on top of my new Missoni hand towels. (Let’s not dwell on the Missoni towels, they’re a sore point on the credit card bill. Along with the Missoni bath sheets that cost as much as the actual bath, or something. They are not to be used, I have made that a house rule. They are to be looked-at only.)

The Tiger Flannels are actually called Tigre, and they are from Zara Home. They cost £8.99 for three, which is as extortionate (if not more, come to think of it!) as the Missoni. In for a penny, in for a pound and all that…


  1. TK have Missoni towels quite often … so get some to use! LOL – You’ve inspired me to look for black flannels by the way … no visible sins at all!

  2. Who is Admin? And where has Ruth gone? xx

  3. what’s a bath sheet?

  4. I love these! It’s true, flannels seem to hold on to heat for much longer than muslin cloths. Methinks I should start using them more often for cleaning my face.


  5. I love Missoni towels, I got mine from TK Maxx though.

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