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Kicking my Diet Coke habit…

diet coke badLadies and Gentlemen, I have a (not-so) massive announcement to make: I am kicking my Diet Coke habit. I have just had to scrap the majority of this post, unfortunately, because I realised that I could potentially be shooting myself in the foot with an arrow the size of a small tree trunk. As modelling is my main (only!) source of income, there are certain clients that I simply can’t afford to antagonise. Once I become some kind of millionaire internet entrepreneur, things will be different!

So for now, let’s just say that I wasn’t comfortable with the amount of DC I was drinking, so I have banished it from my life. Perhaps I’ll have the odd one (let’s not be too ridiculous about this!) but I shall be eschewing my daily fix and instead drinking copious amounts of tap water. Which is recycled wee with added chemicals. You just can’t win.

Very exciting health and fitness news coming up this month. I get scores of emails daily asking about my health, diet and fitness routine and I have been holding off talking about this because I wanted to ensure that I approached it in a totally responsible way. There’s so much bad press around models and their diets and sizes, yet I have always had a healthy BMI and approach to diet.  I didn’t want to get drawn into huge arguments that didn’t apply to me, when all I wanted to do was share some useful information. But I have done some careful thinking, and this month shall see the launch of a HUGE new section on A Model Recommends. I’m very excited about it.

Watch this space.


  1. I’m also addicted to diet coke and have the same reservations you do about it health wise. But, it just tastes so damn good!

  2. Great news…hope you’ll be my motivation for the spring and summer and the rest of my life, ha! x

  3. Robin Palmer Hosking ESQ

    Good call cutting down on the Diet drinks. A fairly recent report (found here http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/737132) shows that diet drinks could contribute towards stroke, myocardial infarction (commonly known as a heart attack), and vascular death.

    Best off buying a Brita filter jug and glugging back the free-ish stuff that comes from the tap. Also, because we live in a hard water area, the limescale in un-filtered water provides us with more calcium (essential for strong bones and teeth) than places with soft water. Therefore, if you don’t mind drinking perfectly safe hard water, without filtering, you increase your daily calcium intake too.

    The odd diet coke isn’t going to harm you. As all healthcare professionals will say, everything in moderation isn’t a bad thing (other than the two obvious things; smoking and unlicensed drugs).

  4. Ohhh I was saying on twitter last night how Im kicking my Lucozade habit today. We can do it together! lol.


  5. I had to stop drinking coke when I was 8 (parents put me on a homeopathy treatment for asthma) and now I cant even smell it. Sweet-acid taste that has the weirdest colour and funny fizzy sensaton? No thanks, I prefer San Pellegrino! Very excited about your new set of videos~! I keep telling you how much I miss those body series! (and thankyou for talking me into body brushing!) x

  6. Good luck! You can do it. I found that I reached a point whereby I could only drink DC when it had a double vodka in it, so it was relatively easy to quit it. The vodka, on the other hand…

    I now have a Strawberry Ribena habit. It seems if its not one thing it’s the other.

  7. Good idea cutting out the diet coke – I’m not a fan of diet varieties in general; I personally think a bit of real sugar now and again is better than a load of sweeteners etc.

    Looking forward to hearing your fitness tips too as it’s something I’ve been wondering about (if that isn’t too strange to say!)

  8. Good luck! I would seriously struggle with this!

  9. Uh! I’m very curious about that new section. BTW, for fitness and exercise I always follow the website/blog bodyrock.tv
    Short but very intensive workouts, probably also good for models since you can do it everywhere only with your bodyweight. It helps me a lot, I’m always moving to different countries and it’s just not worth to but and transport equipment, nor to buy 6 months gym membership. I confess, I am not that muscular… it also depends on your approach to it, mine is the laziest possible :x

    I hope this is not considered as an advertisement lol But the owner of bodyrock remembers me about you, Ruth. Probably because of the the daily updates, the commitment with an internet project that you take seriously enough to grow and atract good stuff… xxx your blog is still the 1st one I visit in the morning eheh

  10. i about “tap water-ed” in my pants im so excited!! xx

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