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Kicking my Diet Coke habit…

diet coke badLadies and Gentlemen, I have a (not-so) massive announcement to make: I am kicking my Diet Coke habit. I have just had to scrap the majority of this post, unfortunately, because I realised that I could potentially be shooting myself in the foot with an arrow the size of a small tree trunk. As modelling is my main (only!) source of income, there are certain clients that I simply can’t afford to antagonise. Once I become some kind of millionaire internet entrepreneur, things will be different!

So for now, let’s just say that I wasn’t comfortable with the amount of DC I was drinking, so I have banished it from my life. Perhaps I’ll have the odd one (let’s not be too ridiculous about this!) but I shall be eschewing my daily fix and instead drinking copious amounts of tap water. Which is recycled wee with added chemicals. You just can’t win.

Very exciting health and fitness news coming up this month. I get scores of emails daily asking about my health, diet and fitness routine and I have been holding off talking about this because I wanted to ensure that I approached it in a totally responsible way. There’s so much bad press around models and their diets and sizes, yet I have always had a healthy BMI and approach to diet.  I didn’t want to get drawn into huge arguments that didn’t apply to me, when all I wanted to do was share some useful information. But I have done some careful thinking, and this month shall see the launch of a HUGE new section on A Model Recommends. I’m very excited about it.

Watch this space.


  1. Probably one of the best thing you can do to your body (and skin)Do you know how many yucky stuff they put in those diet drinks.Switch to a good tea your skin will thank you for it.Personally I really like tulsi-green tea ,it’s rejuvenating ,stress relieving and full of antioxidants ,enjoy!!!

  2. I know a good substance misuse therapist if you need one!!! Avoid “drinking without thinking” never tried it with a coke (read Cola) addict but I think the same technique will apply. L xxxx

  3. I had a DC habit that was taking over my life and wallet (bottles are £1.10 in mt works canteen and I was buying up to 3 a day) I am 16 wks pregnant and stopped because of all the artificial sweetners in it doing my baby not much good. That was my motivation but I guess not everyone’s cup of tea ;-)

  4. Don’t you feel like your tummy is about to explode with all of the gas from diet coke??? Or am I the only one?!

    As a self-confessed fitness freak (I go to the gym everyday, lift tons of weights – I’m male – and cardio on rest days), I have been trying to curb this habit as well. Besides, it’s almost £1 for a can in most places nowadays, and imagine where we can channel all of those to!!!


  5. I wish you lots of luck with kicking the old DC habit. Cant wait to read your fitness posts. I have recently got into the Zumba craze and Pole dancing for fitness and these two forms of exercise are the best fun ever. I Love reading your posts they make my day x

  6. You should try an aquasana filter, I was grossed out by the wee and chemicals thing so now I only drink water through my filter. It just tastes so pure.

  7. Great news! Good luck :) looking forward to read you health and fitness posts!

    http://www.followhanne.com – confessions of a model

  8. Good luck! I’m addicted to DC and the thought of going without it makes me feel a bit nervous. Although I recently stopped drinking coffee and can’t say that I miss it at all so I think you just have to be in the right mindset to want to stop something. x

  9. Good on you :)
    Personally I’d wait a bit though – ASOS are doing a DC competition and you can win vouchers! Hehe

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