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Embryolisse Hydra-Masque


If you don’t know anything about Embryolisse, then please take a few minutes to read THIS. Embryolisse cream has been one of my most-used beauty products throughout my ten years as a model – and not only because I use it at home. I would estimate that around 80% of makeup artists have a tube of Embryolisse in their kit, and most of those use it on models on a very regular basis. It’s pretty darn popular. If you want to find out why, then – again – take a few minutes to read the original Embryolisse post, linked above.

Last week I wanted to inject a little moisture into my life and I decided to do so in the form of the Embryolisse Hydra-Masque; a smoothing, regenerating cream mask that promises to plump the skin and make it look fresh and radiant. Bravo. I applied the mask to cleansed skin and left it on for around ten minutes. It’s really soothing – Embryolisse products are carefully formulated to avoid causing irritation, and I think that’s why so many makeup artists use their products on shoots.

After rinsing, my skin was very moisturised. The effects lasted well into the next day – in fact I didn’t use a moisturiser before bed or in the morning, which is unheard of for me! This isn’t one of those ‘all-singing all dancing’ masks that targets a zillion different skin complaints; it doesn’t exfoliate or brighten or tighten, but what it does do it does very well indeed. My skin was left plumped-up, soft and intensely hydrated.

Embryolisse used to be exclusive to the regular Paris visitor, but is now available in the UK. The prices have shot up since I first started buying Embryolisse about eight or nine years ago, but c’est la vie, I suppose. In the UK  Coco Beau have a really wide range of the Embryolisse products including the body care and the anti-ageing creams and something called the Shimmering 24 Hour Miracle Cream which sounds amazing….très bien Coco Beau! Keep up the good work. If you could just look into importing Bioderma at a purse-friendly price, I shall love you forever.

Embryolisse Hydra-Masque is £22.50 from Coco Beau or most good French pharmacies.


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  1. Hi Ruth, You can get the Bioderma here http://www.leguidesante.co.uk/E51/purchase/crealine-cleansing-solution-perfume-free/
    You get 2 500 ml bottles for under £14.00, shipping was around £7.00 as far as I remember. Hope this helps! much love!

  2. what do you think about the Embryolisse lait-crème fluide ?
    I bought it in Paris but I’m not sure I really like it…

    • Haven’t tried it – I’ll try it next time in Paris. To be honest, it’s the thick texture of the cream that I think works so well, so I can imagine the fluid being a little disappointing.. x

  3. Great post – I’d never heard of it before, now will have to seek it out. The French really do have all the best stuff…

  4. I just got my first tube of Embyolisse Lait Concentre. It is pretty awesome, but I had to spend a fortune to get it to the states!

  5. It’s so weird to know that you can’t find Bioderma in the UK!
    I see it EVERYWHERE in Portugal and Canada. It was supposed to be much easier (and profitable) to export and seel it grom France to the UK. I really don’t understand…

  6. Hi just to let everyone know that Zuneta are now selling Bioderma! X

  7. I love Embryolisse! I use the lait-creme concentre, but I’m always looking for products to help my super-dry skin, so thanks for this review. I also want to try the dry skin balm.

    You can also buy Embryolisse in the UK from Guru Make Up Emporium (www.gurumakeupemporium.com), and from http://www.promakeupstore.com which I think is based in the Netherlands. The Pro Make Up Store price is cheaper, although shipping would increase the price.

    Thanks for another great review!

  8. What products do you like most from Embryolisse? I have never used their products and I would love to try out some of your recommendations!

  9. You can get the Bioderma in tons of places in Singapore too – our equivalent of Boots sells it, also Lierac, Nuxe etc

  10. I just looked-up the ingredients in this cream and it contains parabens.

  11. Hi Ruth, Thanks for pointing that out. In accordance with the ingredients listed on Embryolisse international website http://www.embryolisse.com, products do not contain parabens. However, I live in California, and therefore I visited the USA site at http://www.embryolisseusa.com, where I read the ingredients, and discovered that many products for sale on the USA website contain parabens. Strange. That’s for sure.

  12. I can’t get Embryolisse in Canada, it breaks my heart! Sam and Nic of Pixiwoo says 24 Hour Miracle Cream- Lait-Crème Concentré is the best thing before makeup! Well…I’ll go drown in my Clarins moisturizer now, to make me feel a little better :)

  13. Hello

    Just a thght to Dena. Ive been using the Origins ‘Drink up Intensive’ mask, and I love it. My skin gets really dry and this really helps. And best of all, it smells devine. I put it on after my evening cleansing and sleep with it, as you are suposed to do. :D So nice and easy.

    I will definately try the Embryolisse Hydra-Masque though, hope they ship to Norway :D

  14. I absolutely love Embryolisse. i live in france so here, you can find it at almost every drugstore for 19 euros; ive used it and its hands down THE BEST!

    My review on Embryolisse here:


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