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Model Beauty Tips: How I Get Glowing Skin

ruth crillyThis video has been my most-requested so far. Everyone wants healthy, radiant and glowing skin and so I’ve pulled together a collection of skincare and makeup products that I use on a regular basis. Some of them are quite dear, so sorry about that! I’ll be filming a more budget-friendly version very soon, but this takes a while longer as they are products that I need to test vigorously before recommending! Apart from the ‘glowy’ products used in the video, I’m just wearing a slick of mascara. Which just goes to show how well-prepped, radiant skin can be all the ‘look’ you need…

Shopping List, if you dare to look, is below the video pane!

Shopping List

NuBo Diamond Peel and Reveal, £65 from Harrods.

iconGlamGlow Mud Mask, £69 from Victoria Health.

Liz Earle Brightening Treatment, £13 for 50ml starter kit.

Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque, RRP £33 or £24.99 from lookfantastic.com.

REN Vita-Mineral Day Cream, £25 from Selfridges

OSKIA Get up & glow, £64.50 from Zuneta.

icon Sisley Radiance Immediate lift, £123 (YIKES!) from Selfridges

Shine Illuminator in ‘Nude’, £35 from http://www.cosmeticsalacarte.com/about/whatshot.html (it’s hard to find without this link I think!).

Urban Decay Brightening Primer Potion, £14.40 from lookfantastic.com (£18 elsewhere!).

Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser (Natural Glow), £32 from Liberty.

Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation in ‘Nude, 105’, £24 from House of Fraser.

Rodial Glamtox Eyelight Pen, £35.90 from ASOS.

MAC Grand Entrance Frost Shadow, discontinued but available in the MAC ‘Look in a Box’ Girl Next Door.

Becca Eye Tint in Vicuna, £20.

Skin Glow, £10 from Topshop.

St Tropez Skin Illuminator, £15.35 from ASOS.

Becca Pearl Skin Perfector, £32 from Zuneta.

iconDaly Illuminating Face Balm, £11.50 from Marks and Spencers.

Sisley Phyto-Touche Mat Sun Glow Gel, £48.50 from House of Fraser.

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  1. i love it when u do videos like this… :D

  2. Great video Ruth!
    have you tried Rouge Bunny Rouge Highlighting Liquids? They are amazing, come in I think 4 different shades and I think they also have some bronzing ones. I also love Guerlain L’Or make-up base, it is gel based with gold in it, perfect for my combination skin.

  3. Love the video! Have you tried the Body Shop Glow Enhancer? I find it almost identical to the Becca ones (especially the light as a dupe for Becca Pearl and the medium for Becca Opal, both which I love) but they are more wallet friendly:-) Also, what mascara did you use in that video? Your lashes look fab!

  4. Chloé Elizabeth

    Great update, always looking for glowing tips! Have you used Guerlains Terracotta and/or Guerlain Meteorites base perfecting pearls? Wonder how Guerlains bronzer compares to the Sisley and if the meteorites are any good at giving a glow? x

  5. I LOVE your honesty.. I’d muuuch rather save for the nice stuff than buy the stuff that i won’t be happy with.

  6. Don’t know if this is rude but… how do you get the money for all of the things you test? Not that i wuldn’t believe it’s from all of your modelling i was just wondering if companies maybe send you things to test or you get special deals or something?

    • Yes of course; a lot of items are sent especially for review, and I have always been given a lot of products by brands as they like models to use them and give them feedback. I also have an insane spending habit! x

  7. Which mascara did you use in this video as your lashes look lovely?

  8. Hello Ruth,

    I love this video. Great tips. How often should a mask be used? Would you recommend to use one once a week or do you recommend using one more than once a week. Thank you.

  9. I just found your blog and YT channel and really liked it! I will add some of those goodies to my wishlist lol You should try Boots N7 Skin Illuminator, it’s one of my fave cream illuminators. it looks very natural and blends easily with skin so it’s perfect for people with oily skin or big pores. I hate the applicator that comes with a brush at the end though :( Regards from Barcelona <3

  10. You have to try Bodyshops vitamin E illuminating moisture cream. I tried it in replacement of clarins beauty flash balm and I would say the results are way better. It’s really nourishing, smells gorgeous leaves you feeling confident enough to wear no make up and is great value for money!

  11. Hurray, one of my favorite videos! I was wondering though… considering that you purchase many products such as the lipsticks for instance.. how do you keep up with their expiration dates?

  12. Thanks for the info! You’re making me have a spending habit with your top tips! x

  13. you look amazing thats my ideal make up look. you know how you were saying things appear different on video? i was just wondering if any of the products have tiny glitter particles in them to create the shimmer? as i really hate those lol but from what i can see your look is flawless

  14. Ruth, do you think the Dermalogica mask would be good for mixed skin?

    I have Clarins Hidraquench and Avene, sometimes I have little breakouts after… And Chanel Precision Hidramax sometimes itches on my cheecks, not sure if it’s because of the parfum.
    Still, I used them often during the winter, when my skin is dehydrated because of the -20ºC out there!

    I have a Dermalogica store right across the street but don’t feel like spending more money in masks that may not be the best for my skin. xxx

    • Sounds like your skin is a little sensitive? The Dermalogica mask may not be ideal – why not pop into the store and test a few things out? They should have samples they can give you to take away x

  15. I remember you introduced Ren products here(@youtube) and of course I popped into Sephora next day and guess what I love them!!! But it is sad that I can’t try Nubo and oskia in US….

  16. Great video, great sense of humour! I love your videos and posts, you’re very genuine, keep it up! One question: If you would have to reduce it to 3 key products to get that glowy skin, which would those be? (apart from the masks and peelings). I don’t usually have much time in the morning (who does?) and would like to keep it simple. My skin is rather combination oily to oily and I don’t want to overburden it…
    Plus: I live in Switzerland and we don’t have half of the products you recommended (only Sisley, Clarins, MAC and Laura Mercier) so alternative product suggestions are very welcome! :)
    Thank you so much! xxx

  17. I thought you’d had eyelash extensions put on again. Your eyelashes look amazing! Was happy to see the Liz Earle brightening mask appear in this video and thanks for sharing xx

  18. Hi Ruth, do you still use the clarisonic to help get your glowing skin? x

  19. I love your videos and this is one of my favorites by now! Though you always make me want to buy all the products you use! :)


  20. mac strobe cream and mac vanilla pigment or pink opal..

  21. Becca Shimmer skin perfector is no where to be found specially in pearl HELP!!!

  22. The Superdrug vitamin E shimmer lotion is Tres fab, especially if you put some fake tan on underneath it. What I do is if I have an event coming up I will apply the palmers natural bronze body lotion for a few days before the event and then the day or night of the event I will apply the shimmer lotion on top…………the combo is positively amazing.

  23. The body shop also has a coconut shimmer body lotion

  24. Sarah - STYLE SOUK

    Holy Crap…

    My credit card is weeping right now! ;0)

    Sarah x

  25. How come this video is private Ruth??

    • @Catherine it had to be taken down because I used music in the intro. Have just re-uploaded to YT, will be back on the site tomorrow! x

  26. Thank you for the tutorial! Exactly what I need for an upcoming event!

  27. hi ruth
    which would be the better buy – oskia get up and glow or sisley radiance immediate lift?
    I dont mind spending the money on the better product, but if you think the oskia is just as good than the sisley, i would defiantely get that one.


    • @Janey they are uncannily similar. The Sisley one gets used more on shoots, so I have more experience with it, but the Oskia is just as beautiful I think. Dries a little more tackier than the Sisley, at first, and is slightly more fragrant… x

  28. i looove this video! i love the dewy look especially for someone has dry skin as me.
    But do you have any recommendation for dewy foundation (light/medium coverage) that don’t turn into dry patch with shimmer and sink in dry wrinkles? your skin looks flawless. xx expecting more video on dewy skin!

  29. Hi Ruth!
    I loved this video, I love all your videos, but as someone with severely ry skin, anything to make my skin glow I love especially much!
    I would also recommend the Garnier Radiance night cream (not sure of the technical name, but it’s in a green glass pot). I can’t say if it works long-term, but I use it when I know I am going to sleep 2 hours and I wake up to amazingly luminous, pepped-up skin, but I am 18 so it might work especially well on my skin?
    Also, you are paying way, WAY too much for Glam Glow! It is £50 on the GlamGlow website (that is its RRP), and on Beauty Bay right now it is reduced to just over £30.
    P.S. I want to eat Mr Bear! So cute! Also good luck wth your studies!

  30. Awesome tutorial! Thanks for showing us all how to get a radiant beautiful glow like you! I can’t wait to try some of your suggested products!

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